These Might Be the Best Alternatives to Microblading and Lash Extensions

Living in the social media age isn’t any easy feat when you’re expected to look “Insta-ready” on any given moment. Procedures like fillers and less invasive enhancements like microblading and lash extensions have become common practice, but where do we draw the line? If you’re somewhere in the thick of not wanting to look fake (hi, Kylie Jenner’s lips in 2017), and still wanting a little jush, then you need to try the HD Brows and HD Lash Lift at Caryl Baker Visage!

The best thing about these services is that they’re comparable to microblading and lash extensions, except you can rest assured that your lashes and brows are still yours #IWokeUpLikeThis. No face tattoos and no false lashes ladies! HD Brows and HD Lash Lift are here to accentuate what your mama gave you.

Not only are the results great, but the prices are also very reasonable.  In terms of brows, you don’t have to fork up $400 in one go, and in terms of lashes the results last longer than extensions. See the cost of the services below:


HD Brows – $35.50 (club price – $31)

Includes: wax, tint, shaping, eyebrow makeup

Lasts: 2-4 weeks depending on desired results


HD Lash Lift – $105 (club price – $89)

Includes: Lash perm, tint

Lasts: 4-8+ weeks depending on desired results


For my HD Brows and HD Lash Lift experience, I visited the new Caryl Baker Visage location at the Eaton Center and was attended to by the lovely Nicole Stiletto, National Educator and Franchise Supervisor.

First up were my brows! Having had microblading before, I can definitely attest to the procedure having very simialr results – I’m serious. While microblading lasts longer, the upfront cost makes my stomach turn, not to mention you have to endure scabby brows for a while. If you’re wondering how the results are so comparable, Nicole explained to me that the tint they use is the stuff of magic because it tints your skin, along with the hairs, to give you this perfect filled in look.

Amazingly, the procedure only takes around 15 minutes as well, and is pain free (aside from the waxing). Depending on the look you want, Nicole suggests either coming every two weeks for fierce AF brows (the opaqueness of the dye on the skin starts to fade after a week) or once a month to maintain the overall shape and colour.


Now that my brows were on point, my lashes were feeling left out (or so I imagined)… but not for long as Nicole began the HD Lash Lift. This procedure is AH-mazing and by far my favourite. Ladies (and gents) who get false lashes will know that to maintain the look, you basically have to go every 2-3 weeks (ew), but with the HD Lash Lift, the dye lasts up to 6 weeks and the perm up to 8+ weeks. Being glamorous, yet simultaneously lazy is definitely how I roll, so I was ecstatic over this discovery.


If you’re wondering how the HD Lash Lift works, it’s essentially like getting a tiny perm on your eyelashes – it uses a similar safe perm solution that ruminates on your lashes while they’re wrapped around a foam cylinder for about 40 minutes. Confused? Don’t worry about the mechanics too much, because the end results after the proceeding lash tint are fluffy, dark lashes that look as if you spent a good chunk of time with your eyelash curler and mascara. Amen!


Spoiler alert: when you put mascara on after the HD Lash Lift, it’s orgasm inducing; it looks like you’re wearing falsies. Prepare to feel smug when other women ask if your lashes are fake and you can tell them they’re real… “What can I say? I was just born this way.” That goes for your brows too! The HD Brows and HD Lash Lift are one sexy power couple on your face, that you’re going to want to flaunt until the cows come home. I would definitely recommend trying out both services.


See a photo of my HD Brows and a before and after of the HD Lash Lift below:


Want more information on the HD Brows and HD Lash Lift services, as well as Caryl Baker Visage Locations? Head here to find out more information or to book a service.