The worlds most expensive adventures

For most of us, anything over a couple thousand in a year for travelling is probably not even an option, but if you have a lot of money to burn, lucky you, then really the choices of what you can do for your next adventure are priceless.

So when we were over at Elite Traveler and saw their listing for the Top 50 Adventures, we just had to take some time to highlight the ones that one beyond an adventure into something almost out of this world and in one case, it actually is.

From travelling to out space at a whopping $550,000 to $328,000 Aqua Expeditions, we have 5 of the most expensive expeditions ever listed.

Let’s begin at #5


#5 – Darwin Cruise, Galápagos Islands, Ecuador


To protect the Galápagos Islands’ marine environment from overfishing and invasive-species introduction, Angermeyer Cruises and Andando Tours have partnered to create the Galápagos Conservation Fund, which benefits the charity WildAid. For every passenger booked, Angermeyer will donate $100 to the fund; once a year all the proceeds from a one-week charter will be donated (an additional sum of at least $97,800); and for all bookings made via WildAid, 22.5 percent will go directly to the organization’s programs in the Galápagos. Try a trip on Angermeyer’s 159ft luxury motor yacht — recently renamed WildAid’s Passion. The largest charter vessel in the Galápagos, it features a panoramic sky lounge, ample room for 12 passengers, and four incredibly spacious decks, including a secluded sundeck with a Jacuzzi. Activities on WildAid’s Passion’s four- to 15-day cruises include daily hikes, dolphin and whale watching, snorkelling, swimming with penguins and kayaking.

Location: Ecuador


Price: $97,800 for one-week full charter



#4 – Everest in a Flash, Himalayas


The epitome of a challenge, scaling Mount Everest is a serious achievement even for a seasoned mountaineer. Granting access to quite literally the top of the world, the mountain stands at almost 30,000ft above sea level, famously making it the highest peak on earth. Usually, an expedition would take nine weeks or more, but Furtenbach Adventures’ ‘flash’ Everest expedition takes less than four weeks, thanks to at-home acclimatization using hypoxic tents. For those who have the financial means to conquer Everest (the permit, gear and guides alone cost around $50,000) but not the time, this experience is the solution. In addition to the pre-acclimatization, maximum oxygen support is granted during the ascent, as well as the latest equipment, expert guides and experienced Sherpas. The spring 2018 expedition sold out within a few months, but bookings are now open for 2019.

Location: Himalayas

Price: From $115,000 per person


#3 – Superyacht Regatta, Various Locations


Cloud10 racing is the brainchild of Tony Rey, one of the world’s greatest yacht race leaders and coaches, who has competed in America’s Cup, the Volvo Ocean Race and the Olympics. With a wealth of knowledge about all things sailing (he began sailing at the tender age of seven) as well as insider access to the best post-regatta parties, Rey customizes racing experiences (including skipper, captain, crew, hospitability on the ground, and basically anything else you want) pegged around any major sailing event. With entrée to rare and exclusive regattas (Les Voiles de St Tropez, the Rolex Big Boat Series, the Hong Kong–Vietnam Race) and racing yachts like the P2 and Marie, Rey can arrange for guests to sail against Hap Fauth’s Bella Mente, George Sakellaris’s Rambler 88 or Mike Sanderson on the Maxi72 Proteus.

Location: Various Locations

Price: Starting at $120,000 per week for four people

#2 – Aqua Expeditions, Vietnam and Cambodia

For travellers already familiar with Southeast Asia, and first-timers looking for an authentic experience, Aqua Expeditions has a luxury cruise that offers a deeper insight into the diverse history of the region by those who know it best. Your vessel is the 205ft Aqua Mekong, designed by the Saigon-based architects Noor Design using local sustainable materials and artisanal touches influenced by Mekong’s culture. The 13-day itinerary is tailored to suit your preferences, but highlights include daily excursions with professionally trained guides (many of whom grew up on the banks of the river), immersing guests in Mekong life with insider knowledge that only a native would know. Explore remote Buddhist temples, floating markets, the ancient Khmer temples of Angkor Wat, or Siem Reap’s Unesco Biosphere Reserve and floating villages.

Location: Cambodia

Price: From $328,000 for exclusive use for seven days


#1 – Near-Space Flight, The Atmosphere


A part of the atmosphere once reserved exclusively for astronauts, near-space is now becoming a destination for daring civilians. The stratosphere, mesosphere and lower part of the thermosphere create near-space, somewhere between the Armstrong limit (above this, humans need a pressure suit to survive) and the Kármán line (where the atmosphere meets outer space). Taking off from just about anywhere on earth, Brown + Hudson’s near-space flight is the most luxurious way to take on this profound journey. Lifting off at 4 am in a state-of-the-art pod that can hold four people, you’ll reach a height of 22 miles in around one hour. The entire flight takes 12 hours (with Michelin-starred in-flight dining), with two hours cruising in near-space.

Location: The Atmosphere 

Price: From $550,000 for four people


Ready to start saving your pennies? Us too! Hopefully, at one point in our lives, we all get to experience just one, if not more from this humbling list.


For the full list from Elite Traveler visit their website today.




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