The Watch List: The Commander – The Complete Series (on DVD/Streaming online)

The Commander is a British crime drama starring Amanda Burton as the lead character, Commander Clare Blake. The series first broadcast on 16 February 2003, with the last episode airing on 12 November 2008, and while this show obviously isn’t new, it may just be new to you!

The Commander focuses on Clare Blake, a sometimes questionable leader of an elite murder squad based in London, who allows her interpersonal relationships to cloud her judgement, and on several occasions, make bad calls which are rather harmful to the investigation.

The character is at times hard to empathize with, but that’s probably the point, as the show itself leaves you to fill in some of the blanks while working through rather challenging storylines.

Amanda Burton plays Blake to perfection and even though her character will have you covering your eyes at times as she continues to blur the lines between good and bad, you do find yourself rooting for her to uncover the truth, regardless how painful and awkward the journey.

The show is interesting, draws you in, and, will probably leave you wanting more. If you love a good British mystery series, or you love a female lead (regardless how questionable the character), The Commander is for you.

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