The Ultimate Guide to Solo Female Travel

Travelling is something that leaves you speechless and fills your soul with satiety. Exploring the hidden places with your friends can be fun. But, have you ever thought of going on a journey alone? There’s nothing more intimidating than being on your own while you dig deep into the natural aesthetics. Walking by the beach-side with a glass of wine in your hand seems no less than a dream. However, before you fulfil the desire to travel solo, there’s a lot of preparation that needs to be done. The list gets even longer if you’re an independent female traveller.

Guest post by Jessica Smith

You don’t require any companion every time the urge of wanderlust hits your mind. All you need is the motivation to book the tickets and leave the comfort zone. Here’s a list of the preparations that you must finish before heading out towards your dreams alone.


Take Care Of The Planning Beforehand

When you’re travelling alone, you can’t just let it go with the flow. You must find out the essential information before heading to a particular place. From decent hotels to nearby food points, you need to know every little detail. Make sure to do adequate research before booking the tickets. Whether it’s the weather-related detail or the local customs and culture, everything is crucial when you’re travelling solo.

So, before you decide to explore, take your passport and know the details to avoid future hassles. Remember that you’re alone and the safety lies in your own hands.


Scare Your Fears & Limitations Away

Travelling makes one confident and sets away from the limitations that the mindsets in. Just when you decide to start alone, you must realise that the fears only make you rely on your comfort zone. By opting to travel alone, you do yourself a favour and leave the relaxing comfort zone. That’s exactly how one becomes independent, confident and fearless. Also, the moment you learn to take care of yourself is when you become unstoppable. 

So, say goodbye to every little thing that stops you from flourishing and choose to explore alone. Empower your growth and transform into the best version of yourself.


Let The Luggage Be Light & Comfortable


The only hassle on your journey to find yourself is heavy luggage. While gazing at the high waves or beautiful mountains, the last thing you want to do is a struggle with your luggage. It’s always better to pack light and only what’s essential. Start with making a list of the stuff required. Further, analyse the list and remove the items that aren’t very important. That way, you will only take what’s useful.

Pack versatile clothes; from shirts to denim and shorts, you must pack at least one versatile attire. If travelling by road, make sure you get one of the good quality roof racks to keep all the luggage safely. 

Next comes your footwear, always take the most comfortable pair of shoes on a trip. Lastly, pack some snacks that would last longer and fill up your tummy when needed.


Keep The Flashy Items Hidden

Take any expensive gadgets out only when you need them. Don’t hover around alone with the camera in your hands. Other electronic gadgets like mobile phone, laptops, tablets or even speakers require extra attention. Solo travelling is all fun and games until thieves spot you with some luxurious items. So, keep your safety as the priority and hide the flashy stuff as much as possible.


Try To Dress-Up Like The Locals

Here’s another tip that requires some research and digging before leaving your house. When you pick the destination, find out what the local women at that place wear daily. Make sure to pack those items before you pack your favourite tee or denim. One of the easiest ways to stay safe on a solo trip is by blending in amongst the crowd. You’re less likely to get noticed when you dress-up exactly like every other woman in the city. 

So, grab the local outfits and explore the streets with no fear. Who knows, you might also make a few local friends while searching for some good places to eat.


Try To Keep Your Calm Always


Solo travelling is always adventurous and fun. But, there are times when you might find yourself in the middle of nowhere. In such situations, the last thing you should do is panic and ask the locals. Always keep your calm even if you’re in obvious danger. By showing others that you’re lost and scared, you increase the chance of making your situation even worse. The key to staying safe during solo travel is to look confident always. Just ask the locals casually as to where the road ends. 

Overall, stay sober and calm. When in a vulnerable situation, search for someone reliable and trust your instincts.


Traveling alone is all about finding your true self and admiring it at the same time. Just when you choose to go on your own, you allow self-love and confidence to flourish. All you need to do is be a little cautious and avoid trusting often. Always look confident and composed to keep the hassles away. Also, you must not refrain from communicating. Get to know the locals and make some friends everywhere you go. Network as much as you can. But, make sure to choose the reliable people and let your instincts rule over you.



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