The UGG Life Chose Me

While we may all be looking ahead to spring and willing the rain, snow and freezing temperatures to improve, it’s safe to say we have a few more weeks of winter left to endure. And, as we continue to face what can only be described as one of the harshest winters in my lifetime, great footwear is more important than ever.


I’ve long known that my bad habit of buying winter boots that looked good but didn’t stand up against the elements needed addressing. When it comes to seasonal footwear, comfort and practicality are necessary considerations that I’m too old to ignore.


With that in mind, I want to talk to you about UGG. This classic American shoe brand is a game changer for someone like me who has spent every winter until now wearing sub-par footwear in the name of style. Their boots not only look great but they’re super comfortable and better still, practical.


I tested three pairs of UGG boots* in all weather conditions to bring you the ultimate guide to men’s boots.


Hannen Tall Boot 




I’ve been spending some quality time with my family in the Wiltshire countryside recently and these boots have been a godsend. I went for a walk wearing these boots in the crisp white snow and another in the inevitable dirty slush a day later and they still look like new. Waterproof and wool lined I can honestly say I have never worn a drier, warmer pair of winter boots than these. What’s more, they’re so comfortable it’s like walking on clouds.


Dagmann Chukka Boot




I’m currently in the process of flat hunting in London and that means I’ve spent way too much time running around between viewings. Featuring their enerG Comfort System, with micropod technology offering supreme underfoot cushioning, with Combination Treadlite by UGG and rubber outsole for maximum cushioning and traction, these have proven to be the perfect boots for pounding the city streets.


Camino Chukka Boot




It’s always fun to mix it up and as much as I love the Dagmann boot, I don’t want to wear them every day. Made with the same enerG Comfort System and Treadlite by UGG outsole, the Camino Chukka has fast become my other favourite everyday boot. What’s more, they go with everything and I can wear them anywhere, whether I’m at work, out for brunch or running around town, making them an essential addition to my wardrobe.


The three styles featured above are all available in North America. The Hannen Tall boot and comparable styles are available here in the UK.


*Boots gifted by UGG for the purposes of review.

Stewart Thurlow

Stewart Thurlow

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Stewart Thurlow