The Torontonian Disrupting The Real Estate Industry

There’s no denying that buying a house is one of the most stressful things any of us will ever do. From choosing an agent to searching listings to finding the time to fit viewings in to our busy schedules, the whole process can be overwhelming to say the least.

Now, one Torontonian is looking to change all that; Regan McGee, Founder and CEO of Nobul. We asked Regan to tell us all about how he’s disrupting the real estate industry.


Often in real estate, buyers and sellers struggle with the lack of transparency that exists between them and their agent. This is particularly true when it comes to understanding the state of the market, historical agent performance and even which services their agent provides / can offer. While the competition bureau has intervened in the past, there haven’t been any real measures imposed to address the industry as a whole. Nobul believes that consumers deserve better.

Home buyers and sellers deserve a simple and transparent experience with their agent – one who offers services that are tailored to their client’s personal needs. Correspondingly, agents shouldn’t be punished if they’re not shameless self-promoters; instead, they should be rewarded for quality advice, a bundle of value-added services and fair pricing.

At Nobul, we’re using the power of a digital open marketplace to disrupt one of the world’s oldest industries. Our platform is an innovative new service that brings transparency, choice and accountability to the real estate industry by enabling consumers to choose an agent who presents a combination of services, pricing, reputation, and fit that best suits them personally.

Real estate has operated the same way for the last 100+ years — it’s time someone shook it up and embraced the full power of digital technology and truly open marketplaces. We at Nobul have accepted the challenge.


Five ways that tech is affecting the property industry

1) Transparency

Online contracts and digital marketplaces ensure that consumers know exactly what they can expect to receive from an agent before signing an agreement. Agents are also assuaged knowing that expectations are clearly defined and set from the beginning.

2) Accountability

Online agent reviews allow home buyers and sellers to make better informed decisions based on credible, verified sources.

3) Convenience

With the swipe of a finger, consumers can search for homes, research neighbours and find an agent anywhere in the world and at any time.

4) Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is making it easier to stage a home and tour it. Sellers can stage their properties virtually and buyers can tour properties without being physically present. Everyone wins!

5) Engagement

The advancement of new technologies allow for instant communication between real estate agents and their clients, turning an already personal user experience into one that is even more immersive.

Stewart Thurlow

Stewart Thurlow

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