What Are The Top Scratching Posts You Can Buy

A little while ago, a friend who recently took home a cat complained about her couch that got all scratched up and torn. As the cat person who everyone knew me to be, I knew she missed something to bring home in preparation for having a cat. 

A scratching post. 

Scratching posts are essential for the cat’s health and the cat owner’s pieces of furniture. They give the felines the outlet for their instinct and natural desire to scratch at the same time they can also exercise. More importantly, they keep your furnishings from getting damaged. 


Top Scratching Posts

Whether you have owned a cat for some time or you are just thinking about getting one, one of the essential items you should have for them is a scratching post. This gives your cat a chance to:

  • Remove the dead exterior of their claws
  • Mark their zone with their scent and a visual mark
  • Stretch and flex their bodies, feet, and claws

And, we don’t want them to do that to the couch we just paid in full. 

This is where scratching posts come in. With so many in the market, it can be confusing to pick which one to get for your feline. To get you started, you must understand what makes a scratching post the best. The website happy pet post talks a lot about some of the most popular cat scratching posts as well. It might be a good idea to see their opinions as well.

Scratchers have different styles, makes, and models. Some are made of ribbed cardboard. They are inexpensive, but they come functional. The other kind is that which is made from sturdy sisal rope or fibre, although they may come with a price a tad higher than the cardboard-made ones. 

They may be vertical, horizontal, inclined, or even wall-mounted. Every cat has a distinct preference. Do not hesitate to try out different options before deciding which one to pick. 

To help you narrow down your choices, here are some of the top scratching posts we recommend.


#1. Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts by Amazon Basics 

Ideal for a household with more than one cat, this cat two things combined in one item. A cat tree for the cat to climb on and multiple scratch posts they can claw. It comes in 2 sizes; medium (15.7 x 15.7 x 31.5 inches) and large (17.7 x 17.7 x 45.9) and in a shade that looks natural for cats. 

The structure offers your moggies a channel where they can show off their excellent climbing skills at the same time it provides them with the finest surfaces for polishing their claws. Its three layers are made of compacted wood covered in soft carpet, with a total of 7 posts that are wrapped in durable sisal rope. 

With materials as such, the cats will have a perfect scratching post with brilliant traction for climbing and a superior surface necessary for claw sharpening. 

This cat tree, with the help of its square-shaped base, is stable enough to accommodate more than one cat at a time. Its round-shaped top is appealing for cats as it doubles as a bed or a tower from where they can watch everything. 


  • Cheaper than buying a cat tree and a scratching post
  • Sturdy and just the right size
  • Easy to assemble
  • Stable 
  • The colour blends easily with other furnishings


  • Not for heavier cats
  • Too short for cats to climb
  • Poor packaging may come with dented cylinders


#2. Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post by SmartCat

Allow your cat, even the biggest of them, to get the full stretch with this 32-inch tall Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post by SmartCat. With its sturdy 16 x 16 inches base, tipping and wobbling are two things crossed off your worry list. 

The whole post is wrapped in hard-wearing woven sisal mat, perfect in boosting your cat’s scratching. Its woven sisal mats are long-lasting and more durable than sisal ropes or carpets. You can even position it beside your cat’s target couch with its neutral colour that can blend in at any household furnishings. 

This easy to assemble scratch post gives you the best value for your money. The sisal matted post easily attaches to the wooden base with a couple of screws and very minimal assembly. 

Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post is one of the most popular scratching posts in the market today because of its height that is enough for cats small and big to achieve a full stretch. It is also praised for the sisal mat that differs from most posts that are just covered in sisal rope. 


  • Made from durable materials
  • Fibrous, woven sisal mat
  • The sturdy base prevents wobbling
  • Includes everything you need for assembly
  • Simple design and neutral colour


  • May not hold well for cats who like to jump
  • Some cats may prefer rope than mat
  • The mat may come loose after some months of use


Positioning Your Scratching Posts

Getting your cat get used to scratching the posts instead of your couch may be an impossible task for most cat owners. However, if you know where your cats want to scratch, you may base that to strategically position your scratch posts. 

The best locations are always where your cats would want them to be. These are:

  • Near the spot, he got used to scratching, like the couch he just messed up. Put the post right in front of the scratched surface, blocking the cat’s access to scratch it. 
  • Where your cats hang out and spend their time a lot. 
  • Near things that you don’t want your cats to put their paws onto, like your carpeted walls or expensive lazy boy.

Scratching posts is something you should never miss getting for your cat. They will not only leave your cat’s paws sharpened and maintained, but they also leave you worry-free about coming home to an all-scratched and torn couch. 

Keep in mind of three things when looking for a cat scratching post – the size should be according to the space constraints of your home as well as the size of your furball, it should be equipped with features that are more than just for scratching, and style because you are making it a part of your home, it should blend in well. 


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