The Top 5 Travel Experiences as Voted by Canadians

It may still be 2016, but we are already wondering what 2017 will bring, spicifically regarding travel. Where do Canadian’s want to go? Well we asked our friends at Contiki to break it down for us.

It seems now a days that a lot of Canadian’s are really looking for more than just some plain old trip, they and we really want an adventure.

Something that will be eye opening, awe inspiring, and something that will really create memories that last.

So what are the top 5 trips that we all have on our mind, well lets dive right in!

Bathe in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland


Those landscapes and THAT awe inspiring natural light show – Iceland reigned supreme.

The dreamy Blue Lagoon. Silica, Algae and Minerals are all active materials in the lagoon making it a killer natural skin regime, whilst the water temperature hovers around a balmy 37-40 degrees. And if you think the idea of bathing with 50 other people at one time is a bit gross, don’t – the water is self-cleansing, renewing itself every 40 hours.

It’s interesting to note that Iceland has a cold oceanic climate, with average year-round temperatures hovering at the freezing mark of 0°C. One would assume that a warmer and sunnier destination would top the list for winter-wary Canadians. However, thanks to word of mouth and the island nation’s push in tourism awareness over the past few years, it’s no wonder why the land of fire and ice topped the list.

See the Great Pyramids of Giza


One of the most magnificent wonders on the planet, the Great Pyramids of Giza define bucket list goals. Built over 5,000 years ago, the oldest and largest of the pyramids is the Great Pyramid, the only surviving structure of the seven ancient wonders of the world. Nestled on the west bank of the Nile and on the fringes of the expansive Sahara Desert, jump on board a camel and go capture yourself the ULTIMATE selfie…

Walk the Great Wall of China


Move over all other walls of the world because you will NEVER beat the greatest (and longest) of them all – the Great Wall of China. Weighing in at a staggering 21,196 kilometres long and with over 2,300 years under its belt, the Great Wall is the world’s most awe inspiring feat of ancient defensive architecture, built by multiple dynasties to protect different territorial borders. The phrase ‘they don’t make them like they used to’ springs to mind…

Chill out on the beach in Byron Bay


Golden expanses of sand, chilled back hippy vibes and hands down some of the best food in Oz – THIS is Byron Bay. All those dreams you’ve been harbouring of running away and living the surf bum lifestyle? This is the place to do it. Spend your morning kayaking the mangroves and dolphin spotting, cycle on over to Tallows beach for secluded beach hangs, then end the day watching the sun set from the vantage point of the lighthouse. Travel goals? You betcha. It’s no surprise why Australia was among the top five regions young Canadians wanted to visit in 2017.

Learn how to make pizza in Italy


Pizza and Italy – two words that have been synonymous with each other since, well, forever. Get to grips with the country’s most famous export (sorry pasta, you’re a close second) with a hands-on cookery lesson, taught by the experts themselves – the locals. Learn to knead your dough just the right way, dollop on the perfect tomato sauce, and season with all the cheese and basil you can dream of. Margherita mamma mia!

So there you have it, are you feeling inspired yet, we sure are.

Have somewhere that you are dying to see or just need to tell everyone about? Let us know below or hit us up on social media @weraddicted





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