The top 10 least stressful cities in the world

Are you waltzing through the streets, loving your life and feeling stress-free? Ok, maybe that’s taking it a little too far but there is a fair amount of research around your stress levels being connected to where you live, so it makes sense that some cities are way better for your chill moments and, having more of them than others.

Online dry cleaning service, Zipjet, has commissioned a study revealing the least stressful cities worldwide. As an app which aims to reduce everyday stresses and tasks for those living in major cities, and with mental health an ever-growing concern in society, the service provider undertook the study in order to better inform cities and citizens alike of the factors which may lead to heightened levels of stress and anxiety.

For those of us in Toronto, apparently we are doing pretty good ranking in at the 34 least stressful cities in the world, maybe why I feel so relaxed most of the time, I know I have it great here!

…..but what ranked in at the top 10?

Well apparently, nowadays, living in Germany is mighty peaceful and stressfree, whether or not that’s actually that case is hard to know, but check out the top 10 for yourself:

Thinking of making a move to a less stressful city now, well it might just be a smart idea for you and your overall piece of mind.



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