The Tech Behind the Most Popular Online Casino Games

The evolution of the mobile phone has been the catalyst behind the growth of a range of sectors, from gaming to video, and shopping to finance. But there’s another industry that’s perhaps changed even more dramatically during that same period.

In this article, we will be examining how the world of online casino has changed during the last 25 years, and the roles that the internet, computer and smartphone have played in that incredible transformation.

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Humble beginnings

Online casino gaming started small, with the very first websites offering slow and simple experiences to players who had nurtured their passion in land-based casinos. It wasn’t an overnight success story either, but the internet boom around the turn of the century changed all of that.

As the internet became available in more and more households, the possibilities for online casino gaming expanded rapidly. Although the connection speeds were slow, there was enough interest from players to support greater investment from industry operators.

Competitive play between friends and strangers also became a reality, with online casino gaming become a social event and an opportunity to catch up for many. And this social element would remain a common theme right through to the present day. Not to mention that there are now a plethora of online games, like Bingotastic, Poker and the like that people can choose from.


Faster speeds, faster action

Higher speed internet connections created the opportunity to craft something even more exciting in the industry. While dial-up internet allowed players to interact with an AI and communicate with other players, faster connections changed the game.

Suddenly, vivid graphics and complex animation were a reality for developers and players alike, and the result was rapid growth for the industry. The titles also became more appealing to casual players as there was far more to entertain than just the games themselves.

The reduction in loading times also made a huge difference, with the action becoming more or less instant. The increased competition between browsers themselves played a role in this period of growth, helping to facilitate new technology to support bigger games.


Going mobile

But perhaps the biggest impact was felt following the dawn of the smartphone. 2G, 3G and 4G connections allowed millions to access the delights of the internet from a device in the palm of their hand, practically anywhere in the world.

This development has been important for many who enjoy iGaming, but particularly for those play bingo games online, as the game’s casual nature lends itself perfectly to being able to enjoy a round of numbers on the train, or just while relaxing on the couch, without having to fire up the laptop.

Other games have also benefited from the rise of the smartphone, with practically any casino staple available on a larger computer screen being adapted for Android and iOS handsets. The games are as engaging as ever, too, with few compromises in game play.


It’s clear that the internet, computers and phones have played huge roles in the growth of the online casino industry. The sector has adapted to capitalise on changing consumer habits around tech to facilitate its own growth, and that will likely continue for decades to come.



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