The Role Of Free Games in Tackling Gambling Problems

The scale of Canada’s gambling addiction problem may surprise you. As Statistics Canada has found, around 500,000 Canadians are affected by problem gambling including a significant rise in online bingo addicts – and the number doesn’t seem to be shrinking any time soon. The effects can be severe, and in some cases problem gambling can even lead to depression or suicide. There are no quick fixes to a gambling addiction, though, and there are lots of possible ways forward – from going cold turkey and shutting off all Internet connections to accessing therapy at a local specialist medical institution.

A middle ground for many who are experiencing gambling addiction is to simply switch the focus of their leisure time away from paid-for gambling and to “free gambling” instead. The Internet has opened a whole host of non-paid gambling games, such as exciting live poker played with virtual currency instead of actual dollars. For some, this can really work.


Same Thrill, No Loss with Free Play Bingo

All kinds of opportunities for gambling exist on the web. Take the example of bingo: playing this gripping game online is popular as it offers lots of ways to win – even if you match just a line of numbers. The excitement, though, lies in the format rather than necessarily in the cash aspect. There’s no difference between the rules of bingo when playing for free or for cash – so it could be a vital lifeline for recovering gambling addicts.


A word of warning

In order for this method of managing and defeating a gambling addiction to actually work, though, you’ll need to want to achieve it – otherwise you may just find yourself slipping back into old habits. Installing a plugin which allows you to block particular websites or contacting your bookmakers to have them close down your accounts for good may be wise additional moves. Using free games to meet your gambling addiction self-help goals, then, isn’t necessarily a simple fix. It takes a bit of dedication, and it may be advisable to talk it through with a therapist before proceeding.


Problem gambling can’t be eradicated overnight, and it will always take more than one approach to conquer it for good. But with tools like free game versions on hand, it’s possible to take on a gambling addiction and defeat it for good. All it takes is some self-discipline, a bit of research and an Internet connection.



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