The Rise of DEMUR

In the EDM community, he is known as DEMUR, a creative person who he first made his presence known with the release of his propaganda style art. Dubbed the the Banksy of dance music, his art caused controversy in the EDM scene for poking fun at mainstream artists. But now he is gaining notoriety for something other than his colorfully opinionated artwork.

Recently, DEMUR surprised the music world  with the release of his first track “Smells like Teen Spirit (DEMUR Remix)”, a remix of the iconic and collossal hit from 90’s grunge band, Nirvana. There was speculation about whether DEMUR would be able to back up his opinions with his productions, but it has become crystal clear that his first track has shut down all negativity. Featuring the vocals of Kurt Cobain, and a beat that makes your pulse race; DEMUR has created something so unique that you could say it is a genre all on its own! I, for one, cannot wait to see what this artist and EDM visionary will do next. 

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Martese Bellizzi

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