The Relationship Between Pain and Productivity (And What You Can Do About It)

The modern overachiever is probably used to feeling some amount of pain and discomfort these days. Even if we’re used to it and have accepted it as reality, we should break out of these habits that cause us physical discomfort and learn how to reduce it to be more productive at work.

The problem

When our health and overall wellness are at risk, our productivity falters as well. Lack of productivity leads to poor performance and creates additional stress. When we’re in pain we can barely focus, and even perform our daily tasks. Headaches, backache, lack of energy, mobility, stiffness, are just some of the issues people deal with due to the sedentary lifestyle. Employers should encourage their employees to use their vacation days to recharge and reset. Whereas, employees should incorporate the following into their pain management routine.

Sit less during work hours

Sitting for hours is the main reason why people experience neck and back issues. The only way to snap out of this harmful behavior is to sit less. You can switch between a regular desk and a standing desk during your office hours. Stand up during your phone conversations. Have active lunch breaks outside or at a cafeteria. Just aim to stand up and walk whenever there’s an opportunity to do so.

Take regular breaks

Since we can easily get lost in our work, especially if we reach a state of deep work and flow, we need to be reminded to take a break. Set up an alarm on every 50 minutes to remind you to stand up. Whenever it rings, stand up and walk around the office. You can also use this reminder to walk to a colleague and ask a question. You can also walk to the window and take a few deep breaths which will improve your concentration. 

Stretch often

One of the things you can do during these break reminders is to stretch. When the alarm rings, stand up and stretch. Stretch your arms, your neck, back, and your legs. Remember to take deep breaths and slowly exhale each time you do a movement. Apart from stretching, you should also pay attention to your posture. Put your both feet down in front of you, sit up straight and keep your eyes straight. You can also alternate between an ergonomic chair and a pilates ball. Sitting on a pilates ball will force you to sit right and it will also challenge your core and work those less used muscles.

Seek professional help

At some point, you’ll have to seek professional help to treat the main cause of your chronic pain. Physiotherapy is one of the most effective approaches when it comes to issues caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Skilled physiotherapists at SportsTec Clinic will know how to treat your issues and reduce chronic pain. Once you get the right treatment you need, you’ll reduce the burden caused by all the pain and feel better, stronger and happier. You can also ask your physiotherapist what type of stretches you can do at home and learn how to minimise the negative effects of sitting at work.

Sleep well

Poor sleeping habits or general lack of sleep can also be the reason why you experience joint and muscle pain. Sleep well every night to feel well when you wake up. Don’t sacrifice sleep and this is especially important as you age. Invest in a proper mattress, pillow and stick to a regular sleep schedule. Our body basically heals itself during sleep so don’t deprive it of it. Embrace the restorative power of sleep to reduce the amount of discomfort you experience daily. 

Take care of your body’s needs

Many people experience headaches on a daily basis. But the majority of these people fail to notice that their lifestyle might be causing it. So, next time you go for an Advil or aspirin, ask yourself – how many glasses of water did you drink today. Dehydration might be the reason why you feel a headache coming in around 12 pm at work. So drink up and fuel your body throughout the day, every day. Also, take your diet into account as well and include fresh fruit and veggies as well. 


Lastly, find time for movement throughout your entire day. We need to move to feel right and work our muscles and joints properly. Move more throughout your day and squeeze 3 to 4 exercises a week to strengthen your body and improve your health. Once you improve your health and reduce pain, your productivity at work will go up as well.

Mianna Korben

Mianna Korben

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