Addicted to Love? – The real truth about Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties by the numbers.

When it comes to secrets of the bachelor and bachelorette party, there are many crazy stories that never get told, and should probably stay a secret anyways. But what really goes on?

Recently Morph Suits reached out to their following and asked the hard questions. Was your party classy or trashy? Did you go out with a couple friends or did you bring the whole neighborhood?  Well we have some of the fun and juicy answers for you.

Did you stay in the area, or did you hit the road?

It seems as though most went somewhere they couldn’t get caught in the act since a whopping 65% of people said that they didn’t stay around to end up in hot water, they took off with friends to get away and let loose.

Have you been banned from re-entering your hotel because you were too drunk?

With around 12% of people answering yes, we can only assume that the number is probably higher or there are a lot of hotels that are looking the other way, because from our experience here at Addicted, we could name off a huge list of people that couldn’t have told you who there were about to marry in the state they were in at their party, which brings us to the next question.

Have you ever lost one or more of your party?

The answer to this one pretty much proves our previous statement, since it seems that about 63% of people polled will lose one or more of their party while they are out celebrating. So ya, we were probably right on our previous comment; apparently there is a lot of drinking, which leads to losing people and then not being let into your hotel…Can we join?

How much are you spending on this drunken celebration?

According to the recent poll, it seems as though some of you have some deep pockets not just for the wedding but also for the celebrations leading up, since almost 70% of people admitted that they spent between $500 – $1500 on their celebratory last single night out.

What did the ladies get up too?

Number one answer: Clubbing, followed by the spa. From what we have seen, it goes from pampering, to pounding back drinks, followed by losing your girlfriend, and of course either not finding or not being let back into your hotel…are you seeing a pattern?

What did the guys get up too?

The guys were pretty clear about their first answer but anything after that they will just leave to your imagination. They admit that they were drinking as that tops the list for the men, what happened after that, well my thought is that they will keep that secret until their grave. That is outside of their friends that are incriminated by the evening.

Which leads us to the final question.

Did you lie to your partner about what you did that night?

It seems as through about a third of us will take the secrets of what happened that night with us, as almost 30% of people polled said that, yes, I lied to my partner about what happened. Guess its not just vegas, as is seems that a lot of people have been doing things at their bachelor and bachelorette parties they would rather we not know. Can you really blame them?


So there you have it. Without calling you out, or ruining your messy, crazy, night that never happened, wink wink, we have shared as much as we can about the secrets of the final single party for the men and the ladies.

Do what you will with this info, but no matter what happens, have fun, keep track of your group, and keep the horror stories to yourself….. oh and congrats on your upcoming wedding, you found a winner!










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