The Rathburns Video Premiere – Way Down

Toronto indie music mavens The Rathburns have a brand new music video and we are thrilled to be premiering it today!

Because of my personal love of blues and grunge music, it’s no surprise that The Rathburns rock my world. It’s refreshing to find a band that embodies the dark passion and explosive power of these two genres of music. Whiskey soaked, smoke-filled, real and raw; this female fronted group is helping save rock and roll, one song at a time.

The Rathburns are Frances Rose (Lead Vocals), Joey Virgilio (Lead Guitar/Backup Vocals), Erik Kolomayz (Bass) and Matt Burdon (Drums), and together they are a force to be reckoned with. Live, the band forces their high-energy set on everyone in the room; all of a sudden, you find yourself driven to groove along with their irresistible sound.

Built on a simple foundation of classic blues rhythms, the band throws impressive guitar licks and shrieking vocals on top. The result is an aggressive but addictive phenomenon of musical ferocity. And the new single “Way Down”is a prime example of what the Rathburns do best.

Have you ever wondered what a band or artist was thinking when it came to making a music video? Well, you’re in luck! Frances took the time to share the band’s insight and inspiration behind “Way down”, the song and the music video:

The song in its essence is really just about those impulsive decisions you make when you’ve had a few drinks and plan on having a few more. Those nights when the air is just right and you are filled with a super-hero like confidence. In that state, you make the decision to give into your indulgences and you can justify in them the heat of the moment – completely disregarding that voice of reason that whispers to you from the back of your head. 

When we decided on a concept for the video for ‘Way Down’ we wanted to make it felt like we were inviting everyone into one of those nights, a night that we as a band would probably be having whether or not there were cameras rolling. To us, a music video is supposed to show the audience how we want them to feel while they are listening to the song. We love the idea of letting your inner freak come to the surface and being completely accepted for it. Inclusivity is key with us. There is no person too strange and there is no situation too weird for us. That’s what we wanted to put forward with the video for “Way Down” 

The Rathburns will be celebrating the release of the “Way Down” video tonight right here in Toronto. Head on down to the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern for what’s sure to be a rockin good time. Find the event info here. The band goes on before 11pm.

Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly