The Pros & Cons Of Buying A Brand New Car

While most people may not be thinking about buying a car right now, as we know, the world still turns, and with that, the market might be down, but it’s always moving, meaning that some, are still looking to upgrade or make their first purchase.

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Pro: Completely brand new

The main advantage of a new car is that, well, it is brand spanking new. There will be no scrapes on the body, no minor issues here and there – it looks fresh out of the box. Which it is, of course. Buying used cars can sometimes be like wearing someone else’s clothes. Sure, they fit and look nice, but it’s not always the same as buying new ones. 


Con: No service history

New cars don’t have a service history. That may seem like an advantage, but for newer cars can be a con. A service history tells you a lot about a vehicle. Essentially, it tells you how well the car runs based on its past. A service history full of brake issues tells you the vehicle has problems with its brakes. So, you know to avoid it and avoid taking on all of those problems.

Similarly, positive service history with almost no recurring problems tells you a vehicle is in excellent condition. It’s been in use for multiple years and proved to have no significant repairs. You now know that you’re buying an incredibly reliable car.

Compare this to a new car with no service history. Yes, it won’t be in bad condition, but how reliable is it? A brand new car can quickly develop ongoing issues after a few months or years. While you can get them fixed, it’s very annoying to deal with them over and over again. The fact is you don’t know how reliable a car is until it’s driven!

Pro: The latest technology

One great thing about new cars is they come with all the latest technology. You get all the best car tech to make your driving experience better than before. We’re talking about everything from heated seats to parking cameras – and even auto-pilot.

If you buy a used car from Carzaty UAE, you inherit old technology. Meaning you could drive around in 2020 in a car with technology from 2010. It’s not ideal, but if car tech doesn’t bother you, then it isn’t much of an issue. Plus, you can still buy used modern cars. However, brand new ones are typically the best when it comes to tech.

Keep in mind; carmakers are trying to lure consumers into buying a car, so, they partner with XM, offer new tech components to add extra interest for the perspective driver they are looking to entice.


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Con: More expensive

New cars are always more expensive, that’s just a fact. One of the benefits of buying a used car is that it will cost a lot less. You can walk into used car dealerships and find lots of fantastic deals that suit your budget. It’s one of the main reasons people buy used cars instead of new ones. A new vehicle comes at an extremely high price – and here’s the kicker – the value will decrease the moment you sit in the driver’s seat and drive off the lot.

When it comes to getting more bang for your buck, a used car can come out on top. Sure, some used cars can be more expensive than new ones. But, this only happens when you compare two completely different vehicles. A used Ferrari can be more costly than a new Ford.


Pro: Safer

A new car will generally be safer than a used one. Of course, different car types need to be taken into account here. A new supercar probably isn’t more reliable than a used sedan. As with the previous comparison, we have to look at fair matchups between new and used cars.

Overall, new cars are safer thanks to the last advantage we spoke of: technology! New cars are built with more safety tech than ever before. You can automatically put the brakes on when you’re about to crash into something. Or, it’s merely a case of having more airbags. As time goes on, cars get safer and safer. So, it stands to reason that the safest cars are the newest ones on the market. 


Con: Lack of choice

You don’t realize how few new cars there are until you start looking for them. Car manufacturers will not make many vehicles at all. They typically only have a handful of options for you to buy. It varies from brand to brand, but you’d be hard-pressed to find more than 20 from one manufacturer.

In comparison, you can find hundreds of used cars from the same brand on the used car market. You can choose from all the makes and models from previous years. Then, factor in the used cars from other brands, and you have thousands to choose from. It opens up the market and makes it much easier to spot deals and find a vehicle that ticks all the right boxes. With new cars, you’re heavily restricted in your choice of options. 


Pro: Easier to repair

A downside of used cars is that they can be harder to repair. Not always, but most of the time. A used car may include parts that are no longer made. As such, your mechanic will have to try and find the parts from somewhere other than the manufacturer. It can take them on a wild goose chase that results in a lengthy repair at a high price. Sometimes, the parts are impossible to get hold of, meaning your car can’t be fixed.

Conversely, new cars are much easier to repair. All their parts are still being manufactured, and you can usually get them straight away. It makes the repairs cost less and be completed quicker – both of which are highly advantageous to you. 


Con: Insurance

Did you know that new cars are generally more expensive to insure? It all comes down to the cost of the vehicle. The value of a vehicle is a crucial factor when deciding insurance premiums. It makes sense; you need to pay more money to protect a more valuable asset. Most people are aware of this and can accept it.

But, you probably didn’t link this rule and new cars. If more valuable vehicles require higher insurance premiums, that means almost all new cars are expensive to insure. Sadly, this is the case in most situations. It’s not necessarily because the car is new – it’s more to do with how much it costs. Buying the same vehicle – but an older and cheaper variant – will probably lead to a lower insurance price. 


All in all, there are some significant pros and cons to buying a brand new car. Is it the right decision for you?

In most cases, used cars are the smarter choice. They’re more affordable, cheaper to insure, proven to be reliable, and you have more options. You can even buy used vehicles that are ‘nearly new’ – this means they’re a couple of years old at the most. Still, it will be cheaper than a brand new car, but you get the technological benefits.

Whatever you do, just make sure you take the time, weight out your options, and make the right choice for you.



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