The Products That Will Keep Your Car Looking Perfect

During winter, we don’t usually spend much time cleaning our cars. In fact, we probably spend more time cleaning our windshield than the rest of the car. Over this period a whole host of dirt, tar, and normal road build up can become accumulated on our cars.


Once we get to summer it’s time to crack out the shine. However, what’s the best way to get your pride and joy up to scratch for those long sunny days? Even a decent car wash doesn’t go in-depth enough to get on top of the winter build up. Making a little extra effort to clean your car now can make your job a whole lot easier for the rest of the year.


Degrease is the word


After months of adverse conditions and road build up, your car will be screaming out for a good clean. Some of the dirt, oil, and grease will be very stubborn, which is why a good quality degreaser is an essential addition to your car cleaning toolkit.


A degreaser like SuperClean Degreaser will transform your engine bay, underbody, exhausts, chrome trim, and wheels.


For the perfectionists


Even if you meticulously clean your car there will still be marks, dirt, and debris you just can’t get rid of, or even miss altogether. Using a high-quality clay kit, such as Mothers California Gold Clay Kit, will help you to achieve as close to clean as you can get.


A decent kit will come with at least one clay bar, a high-quality cloth (usually microfiber), and some detailing spray. It’s easy to use, simply spray the detailing spray on liberally, and then rub the area with the clay bar. When done correctly the results can be stunning.


Because you’re worth it


That’s right, you need a good shampoo. There are hundreds to choose from, but we would recommend choosing a proven brand, such as Chemical Guys, whose Snow Foam Car Wash is a great product.


The shampoo produces loads of pH-neutral honeydew scented foam that’s safe to use on every surface of your car. A good quality shampoo will easily remove the grime and dirt from your paintwork.


Brush up on your cleaning kit


When it comes to hard to reach places, especially on cars with many-faceted alloy wheels, it can be good to have a few different options in your bag of tricks. Something like the Brush Hero, which easily attaches to your garden hose, can be a great option for when you need to reach places your fingers just won’t reach.


For those too busy or lazy


Don’t know the first thing about car cleaning, or simply don’t care, then your best option is to trust a professional company that will make a proper job of looking after the exterior of your pride and joy. A company like Kenzie’s Waterless Car Wash will perform a thorough detailing that will help to ensure your car has the right start to the summer months. It couldn’t really get much easier!


With the right products, looking after your car is really easy, and your vehicle will always be squeaky clean!



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