The Ping Pong past time

When I was a child I loved to play ping pong, and lucky for me, we had a huge ping pong table in our basement so I could play whenever I wanted, which for certain periods of my youth was quite often.

As I got older it seemed like many things of my youth fell to the wayside as they do, Ping Pong being one of them. That was until last summer when I saw a whole slew of people playing ping pong in the park.

At the time I thought that I should either get in on the festivities or I should buy a table, but alas I just let it be, that is until I came across the Ping Pong paradise that is Killerspin.

From pro tables and paddles to the ultimate design for your home, and also something to take on the go, there is a huge selection of tables ranging in price, size and selection.

The design, look and innovation around their whole collection is really something you have to check out for yourself, plus there is so much fun to be had from something so simple.

I picked up the travel ping pong table that I’ve had at the ready this summer. We’ve played by the pool, in the park, on the rooftop terrace of the Addicted headquarters.

Ping pong and the camaraderie and competition that comes along with it is back in my life, and the lives of the addicts in full swing, as it’s the perfect summer game, a great fit for parties, and always something that draws people in and gets them playing.

So if you are like me and hankering for some ping pong in your life again I suggest you check out Killerspin and get your paddles ready.

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