The PC Insiders Collection Boutique

The Holiday season brings a time of cheers, a time for celebration which of course must mean great food and drink.

When we here in Canada think about the holidays and it brings visions of sparkling drinks, chocolate chip cookies, fun hoedearvs, and delicious dinners our mind of course wanders to the thought of PC, so it comes as no surprise that one of Canada’s most trusted and innovative food and drink brands know’s how to get you ready for the holidays.

Welcome to the PC Insiders Collection and the PC Insider Boutique (in Toronto)

A fully immersive experience, the PC Insiders Collection features more than 70 new and innovative
products launching for the holiday season, with four distinct occasions to match: Dine, Brunch, Mingle
and Gift.


PC Suggests:  Black Forest Stuffed French Toast made with PC® The Decadent® Chocolate Cherry Loaf and the indulgent PC® Poutine Pie, along with new treats like PC® Speculoos Cookie Butter, and below are waffles with the cookie butter and Bacon Maple Syrup.


PC Suggests: Hasselback Potatoes Stuffed with Cheddar and Bacon made with PC® Strawberry Blonde Potatoes. With mouth-watering innovations like PC® Mascarpone Vanilla Bean Cheesecake or the delightful combination of PC® black label Beet & Goat Cheese Fresh Pasta



Add PC® Smoky Bacon Flavoured Maple Syrup to create a custom holiday cocktail and serve PC® World of FlavoursTM Sweet & Spicy Gochujang Chicken Wings as a tasty appetizer.


PC® Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Popcorn or the PC® Gold Bar Gift Set.

Gift Room


So this holiday season, eat well, be creative and most of all have some fun……and last of all, make sure you enter our contest below for a $100 gift card for you to try out the amazing line of PC products for yourself!


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  1. Tricia Cooper

    I would like a special gift from President’s Choice so I can check out the Insider’s Report and find some new favourites!

  2. JustPlainSuzi

    I would love it because I shop at Zehrs all of the time and I absolutely adore the PC high end chocolate collection (YUM YUM YUM!)

  3. Josh S

    I love PC.  Would be great to win so I could stock up on my favourite President’s Choice items for the holidays.

  4. MyBeautyBug

    To purchase these PC The Decadent Chocolate Cherry Loaf* ,PC World of Flavours Pulled Beef Poutine Pies & PC Pork & Vegetable Potstickers Dumplings 
    & everything for a Christmas dinner.

  5. glogirl3

    I’d love a special gift as I enjoy PC products. They are quality products that I know my family will enjoy.

  6. sisi4life

    I really enjoy working with PC products. The quality is so high and consistent – and they bring in some amazing products from other countries and cultures!

  7. melzzz

    OH mannnnn I love PC food. I just tried their new poutine and ugh, it’s amazing. I would love to spend $100 on poutine.

  8. Lindsay O

    I’d like to win because PC has really great quality products and they make it easy to throw a great holiday party.

  9. AmyHeffernan

    I would love this special gift to help get some great products to entertain and for my kids this holiday! Thanks!

  10. MillerKrazy

    Would be great to win to utilize the PC products as some are innovative holiday baking ingredients, such as their new cookie butter!  And I think I could serve up a beautiful, amazing spread of unique appetizers & baked goods for friends/family on Christmas Eve with this prize.

  11. neutkidz

    i would love a special gift from presidents choice because we love shopping at no frills and real canadian superstore and this would be so helpful for during the holidays