The Odd Couple of Sting and Shaggy

This year’s oddest pairing, acclaimed British musician, Sting and Mr. Boombastic himself Shaggy, came to Toronto’s Phoenix Concert Theatre on Sept. 28 in support of their strange chimera of a record 44/876. Opening with Sting’s Englishman in New York, the pair quickly showed the sold-out audience how the night was going to go, with Sting throwing lines to Shaggy and vice versa. Between the original songs from the new record, they played a number of Sting and The Police tracks, and Shaggy’s oeuvre came across in a series of medleys with popular Sting tracks.

Words and photos by Stephen McGill

The two had an easy chemistry on stage which served them well, and the performers each brought a different energy to the stage. With a substantial backing band on stage, as well the songs from the record and the past were translated deftly to the stage. I’m not sure quite what the significantly older crowd thought of Shaggy, but I can guarantee, Sting gave them what they were looking for.

Aron Harris

Aron Harris

Music Editor at Addicted
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Aron Harris