The Oak Bottle: Making wine and whisky better

Ever been given bad wine or even worse, bad whisky, that would be yes from everyone who drinks, but what to do with that, well now there is a really great solution that we have personally tested.

Say hello to world’s first Oak Bottle, an oaking vessel that accelerates the oak aging process and allows anyone to infuse extravagant aromas and flavors of oak into their bought or homemade beer, cocktail, spirit or wine extremely quickly from the comfort of their own home.

Take a home made wine and completely change it and make it so much more complex, add a more aged flavour to a younger whisky, or just have some fun changing the flavours as you choose.

We tested red wine, scotch, and up next we’ll test out some beer.


The Oak bottle comes in 3 sizes (currently two available)

Have some fun, and see how oaking at home can change your world and the flavours of wine, beer and spirits in your kitchen. Start experimenting and take ordinary to extraordinary.





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