the NEW DEAL Postpones Tour Dates and Announce Free Livestreams

Amidst all the postponements and cancellations of tours, Toronto jamtronica trio, the NEW DEAL, have announced that they will not be playing their upcoming shows in the US. However, to make up for this and in partnership with live music streaming and downloading service, they will be live streaming concerts from Toronto to fans around the world. Below is text taken from a Facebook post the band released this morning:

It is with a heavy heart that TND3 announces the cancellation of shows slated for next week in Roanoke, Charlotte and Asheville. It’s obviously not something that we planned for but as the events of the past few days unfolded we made two decisions:
The first was that we wouldn’t be able to come down from Canada and play these shows.
The second decision was that nothing can stop TND from making music.
With that in mind we announce:

Chatting with tND keyboardist, Jamie Shields, he confirmed that these live streams will be free and added:
Everything is shifting and morphing so quickly that it’s hard for us to say at this moment exactly how many shows we’re going to do and when they’re going to be. We’re shooting for a minimum of two show with our goal being to play three nights. Each night will be two full sets and we’re batting around a number of other ideas to add to each night to make it even more interesting and fun. We *do* know that it would have been unconscionable for us to *not* do something in response to this situation that’s been foisted upon us as a band and a group of human beings. We’re all fans of various bands and we know how it feels if something that you’ve been looking forward to gets cancelled for reasons that are out of everyone’s control. It’s disheartening and it’s discouraging. We’re hoping to at least provide a little solace during this frustrating time. We are definitely planning on playing the shows that we’re cancelling. We’ve come and gone too many times in the past to allow cancelled shows to go unanswered. At the moment all I can say about the livestream locations is that it will take place somewhere in downtown Toronto. We’re working hard to secure a specific venue that will look amazing through the camera but we’re not at the confirmation stage yet. Stay tuned for more info as the days unfold!

I also reached out to and co-founder/COO Jon Richter sent this quote:
Nugs is proud to partner with TND on these shows. Nugs is planning a very active schedule of live streams and PPVs in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

This event is the start of something we are likely going to see more of in the coming months. As COVID-19 fears increase and public gatherings are discouraged, live streams of live music performances that viewers can watch safely from home are how we can remain connected to the artists we love. While the opportunities for full production, multi-camera live streams aren’t available to every band out there, the opportunity for innovation is. And the unfortunate isolation that this pandemic forces allows for time to think, time to create and plan. Stay tuned for more information regarding this event and others like it.


The New Deal photo by Jesse Milns

Disclosure: the New Deal are old friends of mine. Additionally, I am old friends with the people who run and I have worked with them on graphic design projects in the past. I will state that these relationships in no way colour my decision to run this coverage. 

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