The Mystery TV Gift Guide

I love a good mystery, but the question usually becomes, what to watch? Since it’s holidays season, and winter has hit us here in Toronto, I thought I’d share some of my fav new releases that will have you on the edge of your seat, while staying warm in the comfort of your own home.

From Canada to New Zealand, Great Britain and even the orient express, I’ve brought my favourite must-watch mysteries from around the world.


Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express


While travelling on the Orient Express, Hercule Poirot meets an unsavoury businessman who fears for his life. Not trusting the man or wanting to get involved Poirot avoids the man and his plight, that is until he’s murdered and Poirot sets out to find out who committed murder on the orient express.

This tense and thoroughly blood-soaked tale starring David Suchet, Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey) and David Morrissey (the walking dead) is a must see and the perfect gift this holiday season for the murder mystery lover on your list.


The Brokenwood Mysteries, Series 2 & 3


Detective Senior Sargent Mike Shepard has just settled into small town living in Brokenwood, but that doesn’t mean he’ll have any time to kick back and relax as even in this small town, it seems that there are a slew of gruesome crimes that need solving, and he’s the man to do it.

Set in the stunning backdrop of New Zealand, the compelling and well written 4 part series will have you on the edge of your seat while you find yourself drawn to the lead as he uncovers the dark secrets that lay in Brokenwood.


Midsomer Murders, Series 19 (Part 1 & 2)


Now into its 19th series, you can pretty much say that Midsomer Murders is a staple in the mystery genre.

The cosy villages of Midsomer hold some dark and sinister secrets, lucky for the people there, and for the viewing audience, Detective Chief Inspector John Barnaby is there to solve the crimes.

Unlike most series I’ve watched over the year the one thing that always holds true with every episode I’ve ever viewed; each and every one is very entertaining and will have you intrigued, engaged and completely captivated.


Murdoch Mysteries, Season 8, 9, 10


For those of you who haven’t seen Murdoch Mysteries, you should, it’s a Canadian gem that well into it’s the second decade of seasons, it’s still delighting audiences around the world.

Detective William Murdoch faces some joy, some serious heartache, and a lot of murders in season 8, 9 and 10 of this fun and fast-paced show set in my hometown of Toronto, in the turn of the century.

Yannick Bisson is so much fun to watch as Murdoch and the costuming and settings are a perfect recreation of what it would have been like to live here, way back then.


So there you are, now you know exactly what to watch or buy for someone else this holiday season to give the gift of mystery and suspense. Now the only question that remains is?  Who done it?





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