The Mr and Mrs behind Majesty’s Pleasure, Toronto’s cocktail spa experience

Owning your own business has its fair share of ups and downs, as do relationships. But what happens when you combine the two?  What is it really like to be in business with someone you love?  We checked in with the power couple behind Majesty’s Pleasure to hear about their experience.

Jeff Armstrong and Sara Kardan Jeff Armstrong and Sara Kardan are the dynamic duo and power couple behind Toronto’s full service self-care destination, Majesty’s Pleasure, where fun and beauty meets pleasure. Growing up in Toronto and Vancouver respectively, Jeff and Sara led successful lives in the Investment Banking and Interior Design sectors, but they yearned for something new. Between Jeff’s entrepreneurial expertise and Sara’s keen eye for design, the couple knew they had a fighting chance of succeeding in the extremely competitive aesthetics services industry.

Sara and Jeff had a vision that was equal parts playful and brilliant: the perfect spa experience, with cocktails!  The pair toured boutique-style nail bars and blow-out salons from London to Los Angeles for inspiration, sizing up the competition while learning the tricks of the trade.  Then in 2014 the couple launched their King St location, then known as Her Majesty’s Pleasure, with the goal of creating a space and community for people to come together, take care of themselves and have fun. Now, the brand has expanded and rebranding, dropping the “Her” (gender is a construct anyway) and opening their second location in Yorkville.   I had the chance to visit the new spot, and I was in heaven.  Where else can you take a business meeting, have a coffee or cocktail, get a mani pedi and answer emails on a sunlight patio in the city?  Literally nowhere.  Majesty’s Pleasure occupies a unique space at the intersection efficiency and luxury, creating the ultimate modern lifestyle experience.

Meet the couple behind the brilliant brand, Sara and Jeff of Majesty’s Pleasure.


What has been the most surprising thing you’ve realized about founding and running a business with your life partner?

“We used to have quiet time but those days are gone. There is always a decision to discuss, an opportunity to review, a post to decide on or something else to fill the silence. I guess for that reason it’s a good thing we love our business.” Sara Kardan

“The other thing to add would be that we often have to accept a decision the other is making even when we may disagree. I guess at the end of the day that’s what a relationship is. Trusting. Supporting. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have a few “I told you so” moments. One thing that I would say we are really good at is getting over our disagreements. 5 minutes later it’s like nothing happened.” Jeff Armstrong

“Our friends think we are crazy to spend every minute together but we wouldn’t have it any other way.” Sara Kardan

What’s has been the most challenging thing, and how do you navigate it?

“To us, this question is two-fold. On the one hand, it’s finding ways to make your team and staff care about your vision and experience as much as you do and then when you find the right people, finding ways to keep them. We work really closely with our teams and are very hands on. This helps us learn and grow with our staff and gives us the opportunity to problem solve as a team.” Jeff Armstrong

What has been the best thing about running a business with the person you love?

“Dreaming together, budding together, and creating something together that you can watch other people enjoy. That and sharing it with your kids. Our kids live to explore our locations and dream with us.” Sara Kardan

For more information on Majesty’s Pleasure, visit their website and follow them on social media through the links below!


Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly