We set sail with The Moorings for a week in Exuma

When it comes to amazing adventures, I’m lucky to say that I have been on many over the years, but sailing on a catamaran yacht through The Exumas with The Moorings is probably the favourite adventure trip of my career.

So let’s begin.

I made my way down from Toronto to Nassau where we set sail from and docked into before departure. It was less than 3 hours to fly down, and less than a 30 minutes ride from the airport right onto the boat.

As we walked up to The Moorings 5800, which I wasn’t even sure was our boat, I thought maybe it was smaller than what we would be taking out, but as I was ushered towards it, I was told we would be boarding this stunning vessel.



I have to admit, having just escaped the wicked winter, on what seemed like the shortest flight, followed by a super quick car ride, we then walked into the marina and saw the perfect catamaran, it all just felt like an epic dream come true.

As we came to the boat we were greeted by our skipper (Will) and our Chef (Nicole) along with the hostess (Tiny). They all greeted us with smiles and helped us load ourselves on board what would be our home for the next 6 day and 5 nights.



Right as we finished taking a look around, we were met with a wonderful lunch, during which we learned a bit about the boat, some of the rules to keep ourselves safe, and we had a chance to chat with the crew about any questions we had before we set out.

Then it was time to go.

As we set out the water was calm, and, we would find that to be true along most of the way. Now, while I’m not going to tell you that it’s always that calm, because I know for a fact from sailing in the past that’s not always the case, but, on this trip, for 95% of the sailing, the water was so calm I often wondered if we were even on the ocean.



By the time the first night had passed we were off and running early the next morning to start what would be an epic adventure.

From the Island of the “swimming pigs” to the grotto where Bond was shot, the fun and super funky bar where the Timber music video was shot, the Famed Island that was the supposed home of Pablo Escobar, iguana island. It was really not only a sailing adventure, but it was also a big hello to all that the animals, reptiles, birds and marine life had to offer, not to mention some of the most beautiful views, water, and weather you could possibly imagine.



From seeing sharks to snorkelling around an aeroplane wreck, the fun of this adventure is that we got to do what we wanted, when we wanted to do it, all along the way.

Think about it this way, you have a moving 5-star hotel, with the chef and crew to bring you to any destination you like, it really is the perfect endless luxury adventure, without having an actual luxury price tag.



If you wanted to sunbathe, you just did. If you wanted to go for a swim, we found a place, bike ride across one of the islands, we did that, and everything else we wanted to do along the way, and there really was so much to see, experience and do.

What made our journey even better, our chef not only made one truly delicious meal after another, including full vegan meals for one, while also noting everyone else’s restrictions, she also had snacks and treats and desserts galore. There wasn’t a single moment I was thinking, ‘omg, when are we going to eat?’, not once, and that’s saying a lot for me!

Now, while we had a full crewed power catamaran yacht, The Moorings also offers a selection of choices in which you can skipper your own boat (should you have the proper credentials) or you can hire just the skipper and cook for yourself on a sailing catamaran or a power catamaran, there are a wide selection of choices.



Our crew, the food, the adventure, the weather, they were all amazing but that was only the half of it.

The Moorings 5800 catamaran was truly a top-notch way to navigate the Exumas. It was luxurious, insanely clean, comfortable, roomy, and really did feel like home very quickly. I mean, I would love to make it my second home.

My room was comfortable and really cute. The bed was comfy and the bathroom was actually a lot bigger than I thought it would be, the best part of the set up is that each guest had their own bathroom, and if we needed to have a break, we could run back to our cool, calm, well-ventilated rooms for a cat nap.

There were four bedrooms on the bottom level, on the main, two more along with a kitchen and dining/lounging/living room. Out the stern on the main level was our actual dining area and the spot where you jump on and off the boat.



From there you can wind around the bow on the main level to the front of the catamaran, where we actually did most of our tanning. If you head up the stairs from the back deck, it takes you to another seating and lounging area where the wheel and controls are, and where we would find our skipper.

I personally loved the 5800 and thought it was very classy, roomy and honestly, it made me feel like a real baller.

On top of the amazing boat, journey, adventure and the truly mind-blowing sights we saw, I have to say, the best part of travel really always ends up being who you travelled with, and I struck gold. I not only had some great members of the media to share the experience with, but the crew from The Moorings was honestly some of the best I’ve ever experienced, and that is saying a lot after 6 years.

Their level of knowledge, appreciation of the area, love of travel and truly wonderful personalities made our trip something I will reminder for the rest of my days.



I usually end by telling you to take the perfect vacation, where to go to relax or let loose, but this time I’m going to tell you something else. Everyone needs to experience this absolutely life-changing adventure, it truly showcased the epic wonder this breathtaking world has to offer.

Now that I know The Moorings is all over the world, all I can think about is where to take my next nautical adventure.


This trip was provided in full by The Moorings for the purpose of this review.
Special thanks to Will, Nicole, Brittany and The Moorings.


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