The Moët Hennessy Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re going to celebrate this holiday season, then you had better do it right. Whether you’re looking for a good Scotch to enjoy, and amazing cognac to gift, of the perfect bubbly to pop, I’ve once again teamed up with Moët Hennessy to bring you our holiday gift guide.

Without further ado, let’s begin!


Moët & Chandon Golden Sparkle Festive Bottle

No holiday season would be complete without popping a few bottles and whether you are gifting this golden delight or bringing it along to the party, the Moët & Chandon Golden Sparkle Festive Bottle is sure to please and delight.

Bold and glamorous, the Moët & Chandon Golden Sparkle bottle creates the perfect statement for big celebrations. Associated with grandeur and glamour, a golden bottle of Moët Impérial, the world’s most beloved champagne, elevates every occasion.

Price: 145.75 CAD at LCBO

Release Date: November 18, 2016

Alcohol/Vol: 12.0%
Made in: Champagne, France
Sugar Content: 10 g/L
Sweetness Descriptor: Dry


Hennessy X.O Limited Edition by Marc Newson

Let’s just put it out there, if you are looking for the BOSS of presents to gift to someone in your life, personally or professionally, there are few gifts that make the same statement as Hennessy X.O Limited Edition.

The first “Extra Old” Cognac ever made and established the Extra Old Category. Originally created in 1870 by Maurice Hennessy for the personal enjoyment of his friends and family. This year, Hennessy partners with industrial designer, Marc Newson, to provide a new take on the timeless X.O bottle. The final design is contemporary and reveals a series of curved lines that catch the light, revealing the intense and deep amber shades of the blend. The liquid is smooth with a hint of cocoa and a warm fruity finish expressing the complexity of the Cognac’s blending and its long ageing process. Serve Hennessy X.O on ice this holiday season to best enjoy the Cognac’s multisensory taste odyssey.

Price: 330.50 CAD at LCBO

750 mL bottle


Made in:France


Glenmorangie Private Edition 8: Bacalta

I’ve had the distinct pleasure to taste and enjoy the Glenmorangie Bacalta and let me tell you if was truly something special. It’s perfect balance and delicious sweetness will dance on your plate as the complexity continues to delight.

The eighth release in our multi-award-winning and always intriguing Private Edition, Glenmorangie Bacalta brings new heights of complexity to a rare wood finish. Madeira’s long, balmy days inspire the sun-baked sweetness of Glenmorangie Bacalta, a single malt which has gained warm layers of ripe fruits and white chocolate on a bespoke journey through extra-maturation. Explore its almost endless complexity.

Price: 179.95 CAD at LCBO

Release Date: October 14, 2017
750 mL bottle
Alcohol/Vol 46.0%



If you like smokey, deep, silky Scotch Whisky, then you need to visit the land of Ardbeg. being a huge fan for years now, The OA truly stands out from the crowd with its unique taste and classic Ardbeg peaty smoke.

In 2017, Ardbeg introduces An Oa – the first new permanent expression in a decade. An Oa brings together the finest casks in a specially designed marrying vat, resulting in a whisky of complex contrasts: all the power and intensity of Ardbeg wrapped in an alluring silkiness, at 46.6% and non-chill-filtered. It’s an entirely new Ardbeg experience; Smoky. Sweet. Singularly rounded.

Non-chill-filtered with a strength of 46.6% ABV.

Available in limited Ardbeg Embassies and whisky specialists from September 2017 (2018 in some countries).


Smokey, sweet, bubbly and taken neat, I think I’ve covered all the bases for your holiday season to keep every one Loving you all month long.

I’d say your welcome, but I’m just paying it forward. So cheers to you and yours, and please remember to always drink responsibly.

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