The Millennial Money Meetup

I recently enjoyed an informative and enlightening night out focusing on our favorite subject: money. It was the Millennial Money Meetup in Toronto.

Hosted by Jessica Moorhouse, a millennial personal finance expert, award-winning blogger, and founder of the Millennial Money Meetup, the evening’s goal was to bring Toronto Millennials together to talk about budgeting and saving, and specifically for the session, homeownership.

“I wanted to take the conversation offline so we could all talk about budgeting, saving, debt, investing and homeownership face-to-face,” said Jessica. “The best way to do that is to make a game plan, get funding from a sponsor, and throw a free event that’s not intimidating, where people can come to learn, network and feel like they aren’t alone in navigating the up-and-down world of personal finance.”

The night’s speakers included Penelope Graham (Managing Editor, Zoocasa), Jelani Smith (Finance Blogger at Bay Street Blog), Heather O’Hare (Mortgage Specialist, Meridian Credit Union), and Lesli Gaynor (Realtor, GOCOSolutions). They spoke candidly about everything millennials face in today’s economy and market, particularly homeownership and how to get there – an understandably hot button issue for all in attendance.


The experts discussed ways to take control of your finances with simple DIY methods, like handy apps and setting budgets, but also reviewed the value of working with a trusted financial adviser. They discussed various paths to homeownership, including what the Meridian Credit Union calls the Family and Friends Mortgage, which is a lesser-known strategy of splitting a mortgage with multiple people on the title for a property – a potentially more accessible way to purchase a first home for young people in a challenging housing market.

“This topic is very close to home for me, as I started my house hunt 3 years ago. It wasn’t until this summer that finally bought my first place, but during that time I did a ton of research and know way more about homeownership, mortgages, property taxes and the like than I ever thought I would,” said Jessica.

Some key considerations regarding financing and buying a home that Jessica and the other speakers identified are:


  1. Knowing what you can actually afford
  2. Taking the time to start planning way before your thinking about buying
  3. Getting sound advice from advisers who know the market you’re buying your home in
  4. Learning what other costs there are, or might be involved in ownership outside of a down payment and mortgage
  5. Making sure you have a good financial adviser, a great mortgage broker, real estate agent and lawyer so that you are protected before you require help, should that occur.


It was and is clear that we are in a very uncertain market. But what we also took away from the conversation is that there are a lot of options when it comes to borrowing, investing and first-time home buying. Getting the right help to make the overall picture for your financial future better is a simple and accessible first step to bring you closer to buying your first or next home.

Isn’t that what we all what? I say yes!


To discuss your mortgage options and learn more about the Family & Friends Mortgage, contact one of Meridian’s Mobile Mortgage Specialists:



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