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Over the last couple of years of the amazing journey that Addicted has brought to my life I have been on a search to find the best food, fashion, fun, and so much more, and for anyone who know me knows that I have a deep love for “Brown Liquor”; Scotch, Whisky, Rye, well that good ones that is.

Which leads me to Craigellachie, Aberfeldy, and Dewar’s.

Craigellachie, 13 year old is distilled with oil-fried kiln malt and cooled in rare worm tub containers to create a distinct and simply perfect flavour of a smokey bonfire laced with clove-studded baked apples, know as the “Unapologetically unique whiskey known to divide the room” you’ll either be on my side and love every last drop, or will walk away and won’t look back. This single malt scotch is best enjoyed untouched and is perfect when entertaining friends in the summer nights, or in front of the fire on a cool night.

Aberfeldy, 12 year offers something completely different from the previous selection. Distilled in copper pots, made by the same family over a century ago, Aberfeldy 12 year offers a smooth, sweet and easy to drink single malt that has notes of honey, followed by spices and a touch or Orange peel.
I like to have this one on the rocks (not ice, but scotch rocks) and it’s perfect for afternoons in the summer, by the pool, oh who am I kidding, it’s perfect for every occasion.

Dewar’s White Label, is in my mind the half way point between the first two mentioned. Blended from over 40 of Scotlands finest single malt and whiskey blends, this Scotch has a rich history over it’s year being produced which all started off in 1899.
The mix of a delicious honey and sweet taste followed by a slight touch of smoke makes it a classic in my collection as it actually caters to both sides of the scotch lovers tastes, and I find this is also a great liquor that can be enjoyed by many, even those who have never tried scotch before.

So there you have it, from the man who has tried about 70% of the scotch out there, I would always recommend these as some of my fav’s thus far.

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