The LG G6

A while back I shared my love for the LG G5 with you guys.  It was one of the best phones I’ve ever used, and I knew it would take a lot for me to part with it.

Then I met the LG G6.

It’s no surprise I immediately felt drawn to the G6. It was designed to be similar to the G5, but better, just as all good next generation phones should be.  And it’s most definitely better.  I’ve had some time to get to know the G6, and I can tell you its improvements are numerous and notable.  So let’s take a tour of the sexy new LG G6.

The Hardware

Starting from the outside in, there’s one big change that users of the the LG G5 will notice: the battery is no longer removable. You would think that die-hard fans would hate this change, but according to the LG rep we chatted with, customers don’t seem to be overly concerned. The fact that this upgrade makes the G6 the first LG phone to be water and dust resistant probably helps make everyone ok with it. That’s right, the G6 sports IP68 level protection.  That translates to the highest level of dust resistance (6), and a phone that can be submerged in 1.5 metres of water for up to 30 minutes and the phone will be fine. But of course, there’s no such thing as a waterproof phone, so this isn’t an invite to go swimming with your G6 anytime soon. But, if you happen to spill a cocktail on your phone, there’s no need to call the cellular coroner just yet.

Users will also love the new metal and glass body the G6 sports, vs the the Aluminum frame on the G5. With Gorilla glass encasing the entire form of the phone (the front is Gorilla glass 3 for a more responsive touch screen, and the back is Gorilla glass 5) the G6 is more durable and chip resistant than its predecessor.


The Screen

The LG G’s shining 5.7 inch display is the showstopper of this phone, hands down.  The large surface area was achieved by eliminating as much bevel as possible without increasing the size of the phone itself. As a result, the G6 still fits well in the hand, ensuring ease of one-handed use. LG did have to change the aspect ratio to retain the small size of the phone but get the most out of the screen.  Standard aspect ratio is 16:9 in modern phones and on TVs. But in keeping with the LG’s mission to always be on the cutting edge, and to prioritize the user experience, the G6 now supports 18:9 aspect ratio, which is actually projecting to be an industry standard down the road. The LG G6 is the only phone currently in market that Netflix has enabled the 18:9 aspect and HDR 10 (High Dynamic Range) for viewing.


Battery Life

Another change users of any smart phone will notice is the G6’s great battery life. Using their propriety battery company, LG has been able to increase the battery life on their phones, prioritizing safety and longevity.  Now the overall battery capacity has increased from 2800 maH (milliamp hours) on the LG G5 to 3300 maH on the G6.  With average use, that means that you’ll be able to get more bang for your battery buck (ie, you’ll get through a full day and then some without having to plug in).

When you do have to reach for that charger, you’ll notice you’ll be waiting around for a lot less time than before. The LG G6’s new 3.0 Quick Charge charger allows for a full charge in just over an hour, beating the G5’s charger significantly. The 3.0 also still sports the double-sided charger, inspired by Apple, and soon to be industry. This nifty connection eliminates potential for damage, even if it’s a bit harder to find than your standard iphone or micro USB android charger.  But more and more places seem to carry the USB C aftermarket charging cords. I recommend having a back up on hand if you’re a forgetful person like me and prone to leaving chargers places.  The G6 is also compatible with all wireless charging options, another great backup if you misplace your cord.


The Software 

The LG G6 is extremely similar to the G5 in terms of use, in fact it took almost no time to adjust to the new device from a software perspective.  One notable difference, for those Android users coming from a different device and who are used to the app tray, LG now gives you the option to use it.  The option for an app tray is now built in (simply navigate to settings/home/home & app drawer), making it easy to transition to the new G6 no matter what kind of Android user you are.

If you’re coming off a Samsung or even an iPhone, you will notice that the G6 is running the LG’s most toned down take on Android. With the least amount of bloatware and utilizing Android Version 7 (Nougat), this device is slick and easy to navigate, without the clutter found on previous iterations.



And now we’re onto the good stuff, especially for digital media types like me: the camera. The G5’s camera blew any other cell phone camera I’d ever used out of the water, and the G6 carried on that proud tradition.

To start, LG kept the three camera set up, with the stunning selfie cam and the dual lens standard and the very popular wide angle back camera. Interestingly there’s a slight downgrade in the Megapixel (down from 16 to 13) which is nearly imperceptible unless you’re blowing up photos to huge sizes. But what you do get in exchange is a huge increase in picture clarity and richness in comparison to the G5. The same snazzy new 2017 sensor makes an appearance on both the regular and wide angle camera.

The same snazzy new 2017 sensor makes an appearance on both the regular and wide angle camera. However, you’ll notice that the wide angle field of view drops from 135 degrees to 120 degrees to reduce the warping/fisheye effect for a clearer photo.

The selfie cam is as captivating as ever, with the lovely Android beauty face feature still present (but now referred to as “skintone”). There are also options to play with filters and lighting in that setting, making it effortless to take a gorgeous selfie without ever cracking open an app. The selfie cam also boasts a wide-angle setting, allowing you to squeeze in more faces for more selfie fun for everyone. And the front camera flash (a bright white box around the image area) lets you take selfies even in dark settings.

For the bloggers and influencers out there, you’ll love the new functionality on the G6’s square camera setting. Here’s the rundown:

Snapshot: Here the camera captures photos in square size, and previews it automatically and compares to previous shots, to help choose an optimal picture. Size and usage has been optimized for use with Instagram.

Matchshot: also known as “Twofie”. Here you have the ability to control all 3 cameras on the phone. So you can take a selfie and a picture of someone standing in front of you using both cameras.

Gridshot: Features built-in grids to eliminate the need for third-party apps. Here you can mix photos and videos for great content creation.

Guideshot: This setting lets you play with the transparency of a photo you’ve already taken to optimize alignment and consistency with a new photo. It’s great for food reviews and making a picture perfect Instagram account.

You can also use the camera in automatic or manual mode, a great option for those used to using a DSLR camera and who know how to optimize settings for a great photo.

Check out some photos taken with the LG G6 under an array of conditions and circumstances. You can definitely see how dynamic the device is, and how awesome of a tool it can be for our crazy little business.

So if you’re looking for a phone that does everything you need it to, and makes you look amazing in photos, then look no further than the Lg G6. 


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Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly