The Launch of Crimson Scarlet Cosmetics

The first day of spring is fast approaching, and I for one could not be happier! With the arrival of spring, we find ourselves discarding our big, frumpy winter coats in exchange for short sleeves and bright colors. And what goes better with a bright colored t-shirt than lipstick to match? When you’re shopping for that perfect lipstick this season look no further than Crimson Scarlet Cosmetics. 

Crimson Scarlet, is a Toronto based makeup company that features vegan, Paraben free, and cruelty-free cosmetics.

Starting tomorrow, March 15, 2018, Crimson Scarlet’s website will go live making all their products available for purchase. On the website, you can find: matte lipsticks, and liquid lipsticks, eyeliner and a five-well eyeshadow palette (featuring light shades perfect for spring), as well as, concealer, setting powder, primer, and a bronzer/highlighter duo. But it doesn’t stop there, Crimson Scarlet has plans to launch a foundation sometime in April!

I had the opportunity to try out the matte lipstick in shade BAE, as well as, the bronzer/highlighter duo and I absolutely fell in love with the formulas.

BAE, with its delicious smell and creamy formula, is a beautiful berry red matte lipstick that doesn’t dry out your lips. While the bronzer/highlighter duo features beautiful shimmer, perfect for achieving that spring and summer natural glow, as well as, longevity in terms of wear.

You can find all their products online on March 15th, when the website goes live!


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