The Latest from Volvo Trucks “Look Who’s Driving”

Volvo Trucks, known for their amazing, adventurous and almost unbelievable commercials that have been viewed over 100 million times on YouTube and have been shared 8 million times online, have come up with yet another commercial that is “pushing the boundaries of what is humanly possible – or at least possible with a truck.”

Now I know what you are thinking, how can they top all the other amazing feats of epic proportions?

Well in the latest in the series from Volvo Trucks titled “Look Who’s Driving” a four year old, yes that’s right, a four year old named Sophie “drives” an 18 ton truck using a remote control.

This little girl puts the Volvo FMX through some crazy manoeuvers including “driving through a thick brick wall and climbing a steep, soft slope, before rolling all the way down in a full 360-degree turn.”

Check out the video for yourself below:


Now that is wild! Not only is it incredible what can be done via remote, but that it can be done by a small child is truly mind blowing. And that’s just the beginning of the offerings of the truck itself.

Over the past year, this truck has been given several new functions, like the Automatic Traction Control – an all-wheel drive system that kicks in automatically when needed. With the “Look who’s driving”, Volvo Trucks want to show how much the truck can tolerate, and tolerate it does.

Haven’t seen all the videos in the series yet? Check them out HERE





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