The JUNOs: Top trending questions, performances and moments

While watching an awards show like the JUNO Awards, have you ever thought to yourself: this performance is amazing, or someone else should have won this award?

During the show, have you googled to find out about performers from the past you wanted to learn more about, or to save face as you secretly try to appear in-the-know about the newcomer stars?

Well, our friends at Google Canada have all the latest trends from the Juno Awards that took place this past Sunday!

Like years past, Canada’s chart-topping dominance was on full display at the 2016 JUNO Awards. Celebrating the best music made this side of the border, the JUNO Awards were top of mind for Canadians. Look below to learn more about what Canadians were searching for during the JUNOS, according to Google Canada.

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As the 2016 JUNO Awards wrap up, here’s what’s trending in Canada, according to Google

Top 2016 JUNO Awards trends

Most Searched Performances during the 2016 Juno Awards

1.       The Weeknd

2.       Bryan Adams

3.       Shawn Mendes

4.       Alessia Cara

5.       Scott Helman

Burton Cummings Tribute: Stand Tall

The tribute to Cummings was one of the most searched moments of the evening, featuring performances from Jann Arden, Shawn Hook, The Tenors and long-time backing band The Carpet Frogs. Below are the top-searched Burton Cummings hits from the set.

1.       Stand Tall

2.       Break It To Them Gently

3.       My Own Way To Rock

The ‘JUNOs” Bump

Canadian artists who took the stage during the JUNOS saw an immediate bump in search volumes, with Canadians turning to the web to search for the artists that wowed them most during the broadcast.

·         Searches for Burton Cummings increased by 25X after his Hall of Fame acceptance speech.

·         Following his JUNOS performance for ‘Acquainted’ and ‘Might Not,’ Canadian search interest for The Weeknd more than doubled. Sunday night was also the first television performance of ‘Might Not,’ and searches for the song title increased by 33X following his performance.

·         Following her JUNO win for ‘Breakthrough Artist of the Year,’ searches for Alessia Cara increased 8X on Google in Canada.

And the search envelope goes to…


Before the ceremony started, google shared their “picks” – who would win if the Junos were determined by search volume in Canada alone. Here’s who Canadians were searching for over the past year, versus which artists actually went home with a JUNO Award.

Most searched ‘Single of the Year’ nominees (by song)

In the past year in Canada

1.       Hotline Bling

2.       What Do You Mean?

3.       Can’t Feel My Face

4.       Here

5.       Clothes Off

JUNO Winner: Can’t Feel My Face

Most searched ‘Album of the Year’ nominees (by artist)

In the past year in Canada

1.       Justin Bieber

2.       Drake

3.       The Weeknd

4.       Shawn Mendes

5.       Jean LeLoup

JUNO Winner: The Weeknd

Most searched ‘Breakthrough Artist of the Year’ nominees (by artist)

In the past year in Canada

1.       Coleman Hell

2.       Alessia Cara

3.       Francesco Yates

4.       Scott Helman

5.       Tobias Jesso Jr.

JUNO Winner: Alessia Cara

Most searched ‘Group of the Year’ nominees (by artist)

In the past year in Canada

1.       Hedley

2.       Marianas Trench

3.       Walk Off the Earth

4.       Three Days Grace

5.       Metric

JUNO Winner: Walk Off the Earth

Trending Questions

Here’s a look at the JUNO nominees and the questions that had Canadians buzzing on Google.

Top trending questions on Alessia Cara? (in the past 3 months in Canada)

In the past three months in Canada

1.       What are the lyrics to “Here”?

2.       How old is Alessia Cara?

3.       Where is Alessia Cara From?

Top trending questions on The Weeknd? (in the past 3 months in Canada)

In the past three months in Canada

1.       Where is The Weeknd from?

2.       How old is The Weeknd?

3.       Is The Weeknd Canadian?

4.       Who is The Weeknd dating?

5.       What is the name of The Weeknd’s album?

6.       What high school did The Weeknd go to?

Top Trending Questions on Shawn Mendes (in the past 3 months in Canada)

In the past three months in Canada

1.       How old is Shawn Mendes?

2.       Where is Shawn Mendes from?

3.       How tall is Shawn Mendes?

4.       Is Shawn Mendes Canadian?

5.       Where does Shawn Mendes live?

So there you have it, the top searches and the burning questions while watching an award show – here’s what really runs through the minds of Canadians. Thanks to Google for this great info, and for always being just one click away!




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