The Internet at REBEL

Established in 2011 by Odd Future members Syd and Matt Martians, Los Angeles five-piece, The Internet have become premium providers of neo-soul.

During their sprawling 90-minute set at Toronto’s Rebel, they brought melody and rhythm in spades. In fact, the charismatic quintet delivered tracks from 2018’s Hive Mind, which galvanized attendees into moving their hips suggestively.

Components of hip-hop, funk and disco also commingled hand-in-hand, creating a delectable sonic stew for the duration of the show. Leading the pack, vocalist Syd was hard to look away from. Gifted with a smoky, velvety voice, she charmed the audience with her superb range, especially on Get Away and Girl.

Commencing with show opener Come Together, she screamed “let’s dance!” setting fans in motion until the night’s final moments.

Adding flashes of passion, character and additional vocals, guitarist Steve Lacy remained ever-present onstage and in audience’s minds, too. Flexing his technical chops and smooth, laid-back croon, his musical prowess washed over the audience as they stood spellbound.

Nevertheless, both performers were also accompanied by drummer Christopher Smith, bassist Patrick Paige, Jr. and aforementioned keyboardist Matt Martians – each of whom were allotted their time to shine in front of the packed house.

While the rest of the band had certainly held their own, Syd’s grade of bold enthusiasm is what truly had audience swoon. So much so, by the concluding final moments, they had thrown everything from flowers, lingerie to their unabashed love.

Born out of the rowdy hip-hip collective Odd Future, it seems The Internet have taken on a life all their own. Toronto fans, in particular, were plugged in to every funky moment.


Myles Herod

Myles Herod

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Myles Herod