The Hottest Casino Fashion Tips – What’s hot to Wear to a Casino

When you picture what you might need to wear to a casino, images of James Bond or George Clooney in a tux may come to mind, or maybe a long flowing evening gown a la Bond girl style. But is this a reflection of the reality of what to wear when you decide to spend an evening or even a whole weekend at a casino? Here, we try and give you some of the hottest casino fashion tips so you know how to make a splash when you go on your winning streak.

Of course, different casinos around the world have slightly different dress codes, so here’s the low down on what you should wear if you want to look your best as you hover over the roulette table.

Let’s look at the most famous casino city in the world first: Las Vegas. From the movies, you would be led to believe that dressing up there is all the rage. This may be true in the high rollers’ rooms, or at the classy restaurants attached to the casino itself. But if you want to look hot in Vegas, shorts and decent shoes are all the rage. Going casual seems to be the way to go. The focus is on the game, not what you are wearing while playing.
All across the US, casinos seem to take their lead from the Vegas trend, making the hottest casino clothing that which is cool and casual. Gang colors and beachwear are banned in general, but other than that, anything goes. Just make sure to pack a nice pair of pants or skirt to look your best when you head to one of the superb restaurants that are in many casinos across the country.


So, that’s the surprising news about US casinos. But how do you make sure you look hot when you’re enjoying a gamble at one of Europe’s casino venues? The story in the UK is an interesting one. Apparently some casinos go with the notion that wearing your tracksuit is a hot fashion statement! Great for those chilly London days, but we aren’t so sure that this is something you actually want to be doing – unless of course you look great in black velour!
Other British establishments are a bit choosier when it comes to what you can wear. Smart casual dress is hot in most UK casinos. This means legs covered and a smart t-shirt or polo shirt for men. Smart casual dresses for women are also hot. Football colors, long jackets and hooded tops are not allowed in these places. It also seems to be the trend that many British casinos expect you to dress up a little at night. Some London casinos require patrons to wear a jacket, and this theme is spreading.
Across Europe, including the famous casinos of Monte Carlo, smart casual dress is what’s hot. Tracksuits are definitely not hot, but don’t go overboard just because of what you have seen in the movies!


Now for casinos down under, and there are quite a few to choose from. They tend to go with the same dress code as the UK, even though the weather dictates far more summery attire. Make your decision based on whether the casino is part of a resort complex, or a stand-alone city casino. If you’re at a resort, the hottest thing to wear at the casino is probably shorts and a nice t-shirt. If you are in Sydney or Melbourne and are at one of their classy city casinos, dressing up, with an emphasis on the smart part of smart casual is advised.


Of course, when you play at an online casino in the comfort of your own home you can choose to wear exactly what you want. If you get all inspired to play some of the great slots or table games on offer in just your PJs, go ahead. Or maybe you like dolling up, make up and all as you play your cards right on a live dealer blackjack casino game. The choice is yours, and it’s not going to cost you a fortune to play either. The hottest thing for you to wear playing online is what you are the most comfortable in. Maybe that lucky t-shirt from college, with the hole in the shoulder is just the thing.



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