Your New Favourite Band: The Honest Heart Collective

If you’re looking for a new band to get excited about, I’m going to direct your attention to The Honest Heart Collective. These crazy cats hail all the way from Thunder Bay, and any band that’s willing to make the 17 hour trek to Southern Ontario for their fans is alright by me. Oh, and their music just so happens to kill. Check it out here!

If you’ve ever wondered what a folk rock band with a dash of punk would sound like (and who hasn’t), wonder no more! These guys aren’t your average, run of the mill indie band that the market is beyond over-saturated with; they’ve created a sound that’s all their own, which is an excellent idea in today’s indie scene. They manage to make music that appeals to listeners across all genres, making them playfully accessible, yet charmingly unique.

Not only do The Honest Heart Collective make incredible music, but they’ve been working their asses off. Fresh off their tour of Southern Ontario with Aukland, these boys are used to being far from home. I also had the pleasure of interviewing these guys while they played the Toronto date of Warped Tour, and they’re as rad as they are talented. Their new album Liar’s Club is available now, so you should go listen and purchase right this very moment. Also be sure to check out their latest music video for their song “Haymaker“.

To top off all of their recent success, The Honest Heart Collective is currently among the top 6 bands in The Edge Next Big Thing contest after snagging the top spot with the popular votes! This is the same contest that yielded serious success to last year’s winners JJ and The Pillars, a band that you can now hear on mainstream radio pretty much on the daily. Not too shabby boys!

Not to mention, any band with a name that is a reference to the Fallout video game series is golden in my books.


Alex Payne

Alex Payne

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