Your Next Favourite Band: The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger

Canadian Music Weekis always a pretty epic time with pretty epic bands. There were a number of bands I was extremely excited/determined to see, but none more than The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger, who played The Horseshoe Tavern at 1am the Friday of CMW. After working all day and seeing shows all night for a week straight, your ability to stick it out until 1 am either becomes drastically increased, or completely shot. Luckily, through a hazy combination of being drunk/hungover/exhausted, I did what I had to do to finally get to see a band I’ve loved for years at my absolute favorite venue in the city.

Now, me being me, I managed to secure a spot at the side of the stage to take in such an epic event, which was a relief since the place was packed to what I can only assume was capacity, and the sweat-to-body ratio was grossly uneven in the worst way possible. However as all true music fans know, these are the proper conditions for seeing a band that enjoys and respects their crowd as much as GOASTT. These guys put on one hell of a show.

It’s pretty easy to hear that this band is comprised of a rock legend’s son and a supermodel and write them off. It’s also pretty easy to listen to their music for 2.2 seconds and prove yourself wrong. When I told people I was seeing a band comprised of such members, those who had never heard them fell into two categories: intrigued, or dismissive. I’ll admit that before becoming acquainted with GOASTT I possessed a certain amount of skepticism, but after listening to their dreamy yet forceful sound, I was sold. I can recognize serious musical chops when I hear them. Muhl’s child-like but powerful voice blends perfectly with Lennon’s mesmerizing and not unfamiliar talent. To say his father would be proud would be the understatement of the century.

If you’re thinking of making the incredible life choice to listen to GOASTT regularly, I would suggest beginning with my personal favourite song ‘Animals’, which is an acid trip for the ears to say the least.

Your ears can thank me later.


Photo by Heather Carson

Alex Payne

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