The Five Not-to-Do-It-Yourself Home Maintenance Projects

It’s commendable that you enjoy home improvement projects and that you actually have the skill to do a lot of the projects on your own. However, when it comes to home maintenance, DIY is not such a great thing. Unless you’re actually a professional in the field, most of these projects require experience, the right tools and really careful work – something that the majority of homeowners can’t deliver. That said, feel free to enjoy your handy work when it comes to furniture repurposing and different crafts, but leave the following projects to the pros.


1. Electrical Repairs

Obviously, you can replace a light bulb on your own and if you know your stuff and turn off the electricity beforehand, you might even be able to replace a ceiling fan on your own. But any other kind of more complex work that involves electricity should be left to professionals, unless you’re ready to risk your house burning down or your own injury and possibly even death. These are not exaggerations; dealing with electricity and especially faulty wiring is extremely dangerous, which is precisely why it’s always stated not to touch anything that has an electric current and just call for electricians immediately.


2. Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing repairs may not have as devastating consequences as amateur electrical DIY but if you disregard the need for professionals like top GTA plumbers, you may end up with thousands of pounds worth of damage. Again, this isn’t the risk you should take. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t replace a shower head or a faucet on your own. If you’re handy enough and have the right tools you can even replace a toilet on your own. But stay away from anything that has to do with the actual plumbing, pipes and sewer system. A flood may not seem like a scary thought at first, but water pressure can cause a lot of damage, even cracking the foundation of your house. It is greatly recommended that you should let professionals do the job themselves, as it guarantees safe and effective work. Also, you do not have to worry when everything goes wrong as they usually have insurance to deal with accidents. You can have costs estimated using services from if you feel that the job is a bit more than something a DIY task can do.


3. Removal of Asbestos and Other Toxins

Several decades ago, asbestos was used as a part of building material, which is why it’s likely that some older homes may contain asbestos even now. Obviously, asbestos has been discovered to be very harmful for health, which is why it’s not used anymore. Actually, asbestos removal is a common procedure when homeowners plan to do renovation work in their old homes. When disturbed and then inhaled, asbestos can lead to serious health complications. This is why you should never attempt removing asbestos on your own. For starters, you definitely don’t have the right equipment for it. In the same vein, don’t try to be a hero DIYer and leave mould removal to the professionals as well.


4. Duct Cleaning, Repairs and Installation

It may seem easy enough at first but don’t meddle in the duct affairs on your own accord. This isn’t just the case when you want to install fire ducts, for example, to boost the safety of your home, but when it comes to repairs and simple cleaning of air and dryer vents as well. Essentially, if you botch the job, and the chances are that a complete amateur will, regardless of their DIY abilities, you can put your home, yourself and your household at risk of fire. Hopefully, this won’t be the risk you’re willing to take. What’s more, there are always slight differences due to different manufacturers, and only professionals in the field can ensure complete safety and a job well done.


5. Roofing Repairs

This seems to be one of the favourite DIY projects for many homeowners, yet it’s still something you should avoid doing on your own; the biggest reason being the risk of falling down and hurting yourself. And you all know just how dangerous a fall from the roof could be. It’s true that repairing a roof shingle may not be difficult to do, but is it really necessary to try and save money this way when you have to go up and down and put yourself at risk like that? Instead, hire a reputable roofing company such as Team Roofing. This Atlanta roofing company can examine the entire structure of your roof to determine potential issues. Of course, if you have a one-storey home with a roof slope less than 20 degrees, feel free to take up the gutter cleaning project when needed. But even these seemingly simply fixes shouldn’t be attempted when you’re home alone; you need someone to keep watch and hold the ladder.


As a responsible person, family member, friend and homeowner, it’s your duty to stay safe. In that respect, use your DIY skills for more creative projects and leave actual home maintenance projects to professionals. As you could probably gather, a simple fix here and there is perfectly fine, but stay clear from complex tasks. There’s a reason why people work hard to gain experience in these fields and love for DIYing is just not worth the risk.

Kevin has gone through an extensive home renovation with his son, which he has both thoroughly enjoyed, and dreaded every morning. He is now the proud owner of half his dream house (the other half has been waiting for spring). You can read more of Kevin's work at PlainHelp.

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