The Fight to find the perfect foundation

Some people spend their lives searching for the perfect partner. I feel like I’ve spent my life in search of the perfect foundation.

Yes, I’m serious. The struggle is real, alright?

As a woman of Middle Eastern descent living in Canada, I’ve always had a hard time finding a great foundation that matched my skintone. With most brands catering to Caucasian skin color, everything I would try would be too light, or too orange or pink, and really just plain wrong for my olive skin.  My mission to find a truly great foundation is an ongoing one.

What makes a great foundation you ask?


Mat, dewy, flat, shimmery, level of coverage – figuring out what you want in a foundation’s texture is a great first step to picking the foundation for you.

Color match

Finding a brand with a large variety of colors and undertones goes a long way to finding your perfect foundation.  Despite what Instagram beauty gurus seem to be pushing these days, no one likes the mask foundation, two tone face to neck situation.  Finding a color that melts into your own skin so you can’t tell where it ends and you begins is the key.

Staying power

It really sucks to painstakingly applying a face of makeup, only to have it fade off your face just a couple of hours into your day.  It’s all about finding a foundation that lasts as long as you want it to so you feel good about taking the time to put it on.

Skin safety

I’m a total dirtbag and fall asleep with makeup on far too regularly.  It’s also obviously possible to breakout from wearing foundation like a normal human, so it’s important to pick a product that is good to your skin, lets it breathe and also looks and feels great.

So what foundations made the cut?  Here are some winners I’ve found that hit the mark on quality and match potential.

Fenty Pro Filt’r Foundation

I wear: Shade 300

As the most talked about foundation line of 2018, Fenty was high on my list to test out, and it did not disappoint.  Fenty boasts an impressive 40 shade range that with huge variety within that will cover a variety of skintones, and ethnicity (I mean, that was the whole idea right?).  Its website shade selector was actually helpful, making it easy to choose a shade that actually matched me without ever having to step into a store.  As for the quality, Fenty lives up to its staying power claim, lasting a full night out despite this humid Toronto summer.  The texture is a bit on the dryer side, giving a mat look (which I love), but feel free to add a little bit if moisturizer if that’s your preference.  Fenty would also apply best with a damp blending sponge or brush vs your fingers.  All in all, this is a great foundation that ticks all the boxes.

Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation

I wear: Siena

Made by skincare experts to cover some very intense skin issues, you know Dermablend knows what’s up when it comes to great foundation.  I tested out their liquid line, a medium to full coverage foundation that comes in a variety shades.  Like Fenty, Dermablend has a great online shade finder that actually works. What I liked the most was that their shades didn’t have that orange or pinkish tinge that some lines do – they had a variety of neutral and olive toned shades.  I’ve used this foundation at full strength and diluted with moisturizer and in both forms it feels great on, provides a natural finish and lasts hours and hours.

Lise Watier Teinte Velours

I wear: Neutre and Noisette (mixed)

It seems like dropper foundations are all the rage lately.  It makes for easy dispensing, and if you’re the type that likes to mix your colors to make your truly personalized shade, they’re great for that as well.  Of all the foundations on this list, I like Lise Watier’s Teint Velours the most for texture.  It truly lives up to the velvet in its name, feeling soft and decadent on your skin while giving a natural, warm finish.  This isn’t a long wear foundation but it almost wears like one, lasting far longer than I expected.  And as for shade selection, though the shades are more limited, I was able to find a cool, olive toned shade that looks great with my skin.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Shameless Foundation

I wear: Medium Y370

This foundation was a close second for me in terms of texture.  It’s a bit runnier than the other foundations, making it easy to apply and achieve even yet light coverage, and build up if necessary.  It feels light, airy and comfortable on the skin, making it one of those “I forget I’m wearing foundation” foundations.  It’s incredibly long lasting, and makes true to its claim that it doesn’t give you flashback in photos (that dreaded whitish cast if someone takes a photo of you using flash), making it great for events and photoshoots.  And, like Fenty, MJB Shameless boasts 40 shades making it easy to find a match to your skintone.  A definite winner for me.


Caryl Baker Visage Natural Finish Foundation

I wear: Honey

Though this line only comes in 12 shades, there are an even amount of light, medium and darker shades to cover a fair amount of skin tones.  This foundation is a little on the heavier side, giving it great coverage with a comfortable feel, but also makes it easily diluted with moisturizer if you want a lighter feel.  It’s a good middle of the road foundation for when you don’t want something as intense as Fenty, but looking for something with a bit more coverage off the bat than a Marc Jacobs.  You’re also getting the great expertise of Caryl Baker, who really know what they’re doing when it comes to quality cosmetics.

Is there a foundation you want us to test out for you?  Hit us up on social media @weraddicted!

Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly