The ever changing menu of 86’d Restaurant

Just a couple weeks ago, my partner in crime Nadia and I paid a visit to eighty6’d.

For those not yet aware, eighty6’d is an “on the fly cocktail bar/diner” situated on Dundas West in Toronto, where the menu changes weekly.

As we walked into the cozy space, we were greeted by the friendly bartender who sat us down and asked us “what do you like to drink?”

Not what do you want to drink, what do you like to drink.

He was asking as it seems at eighty6’d they make things that hopefully you will love, on the fly.

So, I told him I loved whiskey, scotch, bourbon cocktails and he made me 3 completely different brown liquor based drinks throughout the night, and as we ordered our dinner, I thought, I’m really going to like this place.

We ended up not really even looking at the menu, and they just asked us about a few things we loved which included;

Beef Tartare and a delicious mix of root vegetables.

Amazing and hearty homemade pasta.


Deconstructed pear pie.


It’s pretty easy to see that we had great drinks, fantastic food, the space was perfect for a relaxing chill night out.  And since the music, the food and the drinks are ever changing so you could go every week and be surprised by something new every single time.

Head on over to eighty6’ed today and see for yourself.




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