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Down here in the basement, where the ADDICTED Music Department dwells, we get inundated with emails from promoters, PR companies, labels and bands to help promote artists. We’d love to be able to put every single one out there, but for myriad reasons, that can’t and shouldn’t happen. However, we’re going to try something new to get the music that we feel needs to get out there to you, but that we just don’t have time to write as thoughtful a piece as it may deserve.

In a gently curated way, we’ll drop you a milligram of info and most importantly, we’ll link to the music. And if you like it, you can do your own research and write the most poignant article in your beautiful minds as you have a listen to what we’re liking in the moment. And then, you will go and see the artist(s) live, buy a shirt and some music and give them some support. Deal? Deal.

One caveat, ‘daily‘ is being used as a generalization and as is the phrase “The Daily Feel Good“. As with life, everything is subject to change.














The debutant artist in this new scheme is Montreal’s Anemone, a breezy psych-pop quartet fronted by Chloé Soldevila . I love these two pre-release songs, Sunshine and Daffodils from Anemone’s debut album Beat My Distance coming out February 15th, 2019 on Luminelle Recordings. 

Watch, listen, feel good and support ’em and let us know what you think.


10/16 – Seattle, WA – Neptune Theatre*
10/17 – Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theatre*
10/18 – Portland, OR – Wonder Ballroom*
10/19 – Boise, ID – Neurolux*
10/20 – Salt Lake City, UT – Urban Lounge*
10/24 – Berlin, DE – Monarch
10/25 – Brussels, BE – Botanique – Witloof Bar
10/26 – Amsterdam, NL – Paradiso – London Calling Festival
10/29 – London, UK – The Shacklewell Arms
10/30 – Manchester, UK – The Castle
10/31 – Paris, FR – Pitchfork Avant-garde Music Festival
11/09 – New York, NY – Public Arts
11/10 – Clinton, NY – Hamilton College
11/23 – Santiago, CL – Rene’s Bar
11/27 – Santiago, CL – Fluvial Showcase
11/29 – Valdivia, CL – Fluvial Festival
11/30 – Valdivia, CL – Fluvial Festival
12/02 – Santa Maria, RS – Morrostock Festival
12/03 – Porto Alegre, RS – Agulha Bar
12/06 – Sao Paulo, SP – SIM Music Festival
12/07 – Sao Paulo, SP – SIM Music Festival
12/08 – Sao Paulo, SP – SIM Music Festival
* supporting POND
Aron Harris

Aron Harris

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Aron Harris
Aron Harris