The Complete Guide To Looking After Curly Hair

If you’ve got curly hair you probably get people telling you that they’re so jealous of your amazing curls and they wish they had them instead of straight flat hair. You’re thinking, you wouldn’t say that if you had to live with it. It’s true, curly hair looks amazing but the amount of work that goes into maintaining it is massive. Every day is a battle against uncontrollable frizz and it seems like there’s nothing you can do to get it under control. Some days you think everything would be so much easier if you just had straight hair. But there’s no need to get down on your curls, they look great and you should embrace them, you just need to know how to look after them properly. When your curls are driving you mad, use these simple tricks to get them under control.


Know Your Type

There are a lot of different types of curl and each one is more suited to a certain style and treatment pattern. If you don’t really know what your curl type is you might be trying to do styles that don’t suit it which may be the reason that you’re struggling so much with it. Check out this guide to curl types to work out which category you fit into and get some tips on the best styles and treatments to use. You’ll notice a big difference right away if you were using the wrong styles before.


Wash With Conditioner

A great tip that a lot of people with curly hair swear by is washing with conditioner. There’s no need to use shampoo at all, just wash it as you normally would but swap out the shampoo for conditioner. You can also try running some conditioner through it after your normal wash. It’ll stop it from drying out and get those annoying knots and tangles out of it. It’ll also help you to avoid getting any split ends and repair damaged hair.

If you’re using this method, it’s important to take care when choosing the conditioner that you use. Any conditioners that have silicone-based ingredients (watch out for anything ending in -cone) are a no-go. Those ingredients are fairly difficult to wash out of your hair and if you’re applying loads every day you’ll get a build up of gunk in your hair. It’s also worth shampooing once a week still to keep it clean and healthy.


Use Your Products Right


A big mistake that a lot of people with curly hair make is using too much product. They think that they’ll need more to keep their hair under control but often it’s actually doing the opposite. There are guidelines on the back of most hair products about how much to use and you should always stick with them. If you’re going overboard you’ll just fill your hair with all sorts of gunk and residue and some products may dry your hair out and damage it if you’re using too much. The best time to apply hair products to reduce damage and see the best results is after hand drying when it’s still slightly damp.

Another great product tip is sticking with the same brand. Normally, it doesn’t matter that much but curly hair requires a mixture of lots of different products. Shampoos, conditioners and mousses made by the same brand are designed to work well together so you’ll get better results if you’re loyal to one brand rather than getting different products from different companies.


Shower With A Hairnet

People with smaller delicate curls often struggle to keep the shape when they’re washing their hair in the shower. You can get around that by wearing a hairnet while you shower. You’ll still be able to keep your hair clean but the hairnet will help you maintain some of that shape. Just be aware that it doesn’t work as well if you’ve got bigger curls because you risk flattening them down.


Get A Diffuser

A good diffuser is an absolute essential for anybody with curly hair. When you blow dry curly hair without one, you’ll just end up with a huge frizzy mess, but letting it air dry takes ages because it’s so thick. A diffuser hair dryer for curly hair will take some of the direct heat from the hair and stop it from getting so uncontrollably frizzy when you blow dry it. It cuts the time that it takes to dry your hair in the mornings and you’ll get nice bouncy curls instead of the disaster that you get from blow drying without a diffuser.


Dry With A T-Shirt

It might sound a bit odd but if you’re drying your hair by hand instead of using a hairdryer, a towel isn’t the best thing. If you swap it out for a t-shirt which is a lot gentler on the hair, you’ll reduce the chance of breakages and excess frizz. It’s not as absorbent as a towel so make sure that you keep it relatively dry by wringing it out every couple of minutes while you’re drying.


Get Rid Of Brushes


Hair brushes are one of the worst things for curly hair. They can damage fragile curls and you’ll be more likely to end up with a knotted, frizzy mess than nice neat curls. You’re much better off using a wide-toothed comb instead. It’s gentler on the hair and better for removing tangles but you need to get the right comb. A plastic one will make your hair very static which only attracts frizz but if you use a wooden or a metal one, you won’t have that problem. Always comb it through when it’s wet to avoid pulling at the hair too much.


Dealing with curly hair is never going to be easy but if you follow these tips, you should be able to get the look you want without all of the efforts. It’s also worth remembering that textured hair causes problems with curly hair so you should get it trimmed once every 4 to 6 weeks to keep on top of it.

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