The Cocktail Series – The Caesar

Ever since my very first taste, I have been a Caesar fan.  Sadly most of the Caesers that I have had over the years were plain vodka based, loaded with too much Worcestershire or salt just mask the liquor, or create flavor that the vodka lacked. Recently I’ve embraced experimentation when it came to the common Caeser, and on that journey I have had the pleasure of trying Gin, Tequila, Whiskey based Caesars as well. Recently on my Canadian Club press trip I was introduced to the Spiced Whiskey Caesar, which was delicious! And to try to bring a twist to the classic caeser, I decided to try a Skinny Girl Cucumber Vodka based Caesar recipe, to refreshing results.

Pairing with Walters Caesar mix (in Mild or well spiced) and an Extreme Bean (from Matt & Steve’s extreme garnish collection), it was the easiest, most simple yet truly perfect blend.

Here’s what we did:

Dock 57 (Canadian Club) Caesar and Skinny Girl Cucumber Caesar


Using a large glass rim with celery Salt
fill glass with ice and add:
2 oz. Dock 57 Spiced Whiskey
Top remainder of glass with Walters Caesar mix
Garnish with an extreme bean of two

(For the Skinny Girl Cucumber Caesar follow the same steps but substitute the Dock 57 with Cucumber Vodka using 1.5 OZ)

So for all you caesar drinkers out there, once you try this, I know you’ll have a swing and think, damn Mark is a smart man!  (Which may or may not be true…) But the real truth is, Mark is a smart drinker. Until next time!



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