The Cinderella Panto Is A Holiday Hootenanny

A beloved holiday tradition of being bawdy and loud and fun comes to life in Ross Petty’s Cinderella: A Gags to Riches Story. This pantomime is everything you can ask for – songs, jokes and interactions to illicit laughter from the children and topical, raunchy, and laugh-out-loud jibes for the children-at-heart (but not age).

The fairytale is set in modern day Toronto – full of farmers markets and Ford jokes. Cinderella (played by Danielle Wade – read her interview with Addicted here) is set to take over her dearly departed father’s dearly loved farmers market when she shortly comes of age. Revolta Bulldoza, the evil stepmother (played with delight by Ross Petty himself), however, has other more sinful sodium-filled plans – to sell her hypno-chips that turn snackers into spellbound zombies under her control. Cinderella’s last hope is to turn to Bieber-like pop star with a heart of gold, Max Charming (Jeff Lilico).

It truly is the superb supporting cast who steal the show. The two stepsisters, Nastine and Shakiki (Bryn McAuley and Cleopatro Williams respectively) are so, like, totally ratchet, ugh. They’re fantastic in they’re characterized awfulness and their intro rap will stick in your head for days (like ew). Fairy Godmother Plumbum (Dan Chameroy) is sweet, wacky, dirty, ditzy, hilarious, scatterbrained and charmingly klutzy all at the same time.

The show is running at The Elgin Theatre in Toronto until January 4. Go out for a fun time…you’ll wish you could yell and interact with all the plays you see!


Photo by Racheal McCaig Photography

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