The Big Apple: Why You Should Take a Bite for Your Next Girl’s Getaway

Every woman needs a girls’ getaway. Whether you have a husband and kids or have been working your butt off at work, New York is the ultimate destination to let your hair down with your best girlfriends!


So what is it about New York that brings the ladies to this magnificent city? Could it be the allure of high fashion seemingly on every corner or the never-ending nightlife that has women craving a bite of the “Big Apple?” Well, all of those things are travel-worthy reasons to visit the city but even more reason to have a girls trip there!


Now, here’s what you need to do… gather ALL your best “gal pals” and tell them to start preparing for the next girls to New York. Although there’s no need for explanation, you’ll want to give them an outline of all the things there is to do in New York that will spark their interest. So, let’s get this girls trip kicked off New York style!


First Thing’s First…

With this being a girls trip, what does that mean? That means it’s adults only! So with the planning of this trip, keep in mind (and make sure your girlfriends know) that there are no restrictions on the attractions and the fun you all have… this trip is a kids-free zone! So here is the ultimate New York run-down of fun things to do that you will be sending everyone attending this epic girls trip.


Times Square

The ultimate “selfie” and “usie” location, Times Square hails as one of the highlights of any New York trip. Everyone has seen this iconic location in films, music videos, and television but to actually go there yourself is a totally different experience.

Lined with tons of people and lit with megawatt billboards and screens, you and your girlfriends definitely want to come to Times Square at night. It’s probably one of the best (if not the best) “Instagrammable” locations in the U.S. Just the mention of Times Square will have your girlfriends ready to leave right then!


The Museum of Sex

Settle down ladies, this is a mature, grown-up girls trip… Now, how long were you able to keep a straight face when you saw the words “museum” and “sex?” Probably not for too long! Yes, we all know sex is a natural part of life but to see this “natural part of life” put on display with your girlfriends… again, it’s just a totally different experience.

Chances are you and your girls will step into the museum and revert into shy school girls, blushing and giggling as if you’ve never experienced sex before! It’s not really a girls trip without boy talk, is it? In fact, according to the Huffington Post, boy talk is one of the reasons why women have girls trips in the first place!


Now, with this being a girls trip, who’s to say that these giggles aren’t intensified with a few libations from the local bars you stopped at before arriving at the museum…


Speaking of libations, make sure you let the ladies know that you’ve made transportation accommodations that allow you all to safely maneuver through the city. So there won’t be any worries of drinking too much or getting lost… you all can just take in all the sites that New York has to offer you.


Shopping Options are Endless

New York has to be the best location for shopping. It literally has something for everyone. You can best believe that it has everything from labels and designer brands to cute little boutiques with finds you can only get in New York.

Trends are created here and products are exclusively launched in New York first. To shop in New York is truly something you have to experience to understand the magnitude of the shopping you can do here. Take a look at some of the top shopping locales in New York that you can’t leave the city without visiting:


  • The Meatpacking District
  • SoHo
  • Jersey Gardens Outlet
  • Lexington Avenue
  • Beacon’s Closet


The Back Room

For this girls trip, you all are of course going to ant to hit up the club scene and dance the night away but you also want to make sure you take the time to experience one of New York’s hidden gems; one of her many speakeasies.

One of New York’s most notable speakeasies is The Back Room. This particular speakeasy initially opened during the Prohibition era and is still a successful running operation to this very day. The Back Room actually has a long-running history. It was originally named “The Back of Ratner’s” and was THE place for the notable stars and starlets of the “Roaring 20s.”

You and your girlfriends can get “dolled up” and step back in time to sip on signature cocktails while simply embodying the 1920s inspired vintage design and decor. Yes, you all will definitely want to let your hair down at some of New Yorks hottest clubs, but don’t forget to sit back and relax at The Back Room in old New York style.

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Jessica Alexander

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