The Best Time to Visit Mexico

Mexico is a great place to visit thanks to its wonderful climate, perfect beaches and impressive history. However, it’s not always easy to know when the best time to visit Mexico is. If, for example, you’re looking for places to stay in Punta Mita do you opt for the middle of summer or later in the year when it’s cooler? We’re going to take a look at this now:


Mexico’s Weather and Climate


One of the interesting things about Mexico’s climate is that one part of the country can be vastly different from the other. This is because on one side of the coats there’s a Caribbean-like climate and on the other, there’s a Pacific-like climate. So, the best time to visit this incredible part of the world all depends on where you’re staying.



January tends to be the best time of the year to visit the East coast of Mexico. This is when the dry season hits and temperatures are usually quite good. You should be aware that some parts of the county can be really busy as many tourists head to this part of the world to enjoy the winter sun.



The month of February is usually a very dry and sunny one, which makes Tulum, Cancun or the Riviera Maya ideal. Temperatures will typically be around the mid-twenties, sometimes a little lower. Although February is not the warmest month to visit, the temperature of the sea is ideal for swimming.




If you’re thinking about visiting Yucatan, March is a great time to do so. This is the month where a lot of American students come to Mexico to enjoy their spring break. This means that resorts will be pretty busy but they’re ideal if you’re looking for a party-like atmosphere.



When the month of April hits Mexico visitors can expect the temperatures to start rising. On the Caribbean coast, April is usually the driest time of the year, and there’s usually quite a lot of sun too. If you’re planning to head to Mexico City you should be aware that the area usually gets quite a bit warmer.



With approximately five days of rain during the month of May on the Riviera Maya, visitors will find that temperatures are usually quite good but they’re not terribly high just yet. With the average temperatures reaching the mid-thirties, the sea also starts to warm upbringing an abundance of wildlife with it.



The month of June is when summer starts to hit Mexico. However, the risk of rain increases as June is the start of the hurricane season. You will start to see hotel and villa prices lower a little as the tourist season begins to dry up. June is also a great month to watch a few sharks visit the Riviera Maya and Cancun, if you’re brave enough, that is.



July can be quite wet in Mexico and visitors will find the humidity rather stifling. Humidity can be as much as 97% during July, which may be a little too much for some. If you do decide to visit Mexico at this time of the year you’ll find that jumping in a pool or the sea is a welcome relief.


August can be quite a hot and humid month and it’s likely to be full of rain too. However, temperatures will still be in the 30’s with the end of the month feeling very warm. If you don’t like the heat, you may want to consider coming to Mexico earlier in the year.



The month of September brings with it the threat of hurricanes on the Caribbean coast. However, the chances of a hurricane can be quite small in Central Mexico. However, there may be a few tropical storms here and there so you’ll need to be prepared for them. One of Mexico’s quietest months, there are usually a lot of great offers available to tourists.



The month of October brings with it a cooler climate and less humidity in Central Mexico and on the Caribbean coast. There is still a risk of tropical storms at this time of the year but October is one of the quietest months so those great offers may still be available.



November is a cooler, drier and less humid month, and, therefore, makes it the ideal time to visit. While there is still a risk of rain there’s typically a lot less rain in November than there is in the summer months. Temperatures can reach the low-thirties at this time of year which makes it the perfect pre-Christmas getaway.



The start of the dry season and one of the most popular times to visit Mexico, December can be quite busy. Temperatures may reach approximately 24 degrees which make it a pleasant place to enjoy a Christmas vacation. Those who wish to visit Mexico during the month of December are advised to book their vacation as soon as they can as hotels and villas tend to fill up rather quickly.


As you can see, Mexico offers potential visitors the chance to enjoy its sights and sounds all year round. However, if you’re looking to visit the country when it’s at its hottest, you may want to opt for a June-July vacation. If you’re looking for a slightly cooler climate then the months of February-March may be ideal.


With so much to offer every visitor any time of the year, Mexico is quickly becoming one of the world’s top tourist destinations. 



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