The Best Gift Ideas for Foodies

If you know a foodie, you know they love any opportunity to indulge their love of food. When it comes to gifting ideas, sometimes it can be challenging to think creatively for someone who probably already has a set of professional knives and owns all the latest kitchen gadgets. When a restaurant gift card just won’t cut it, why not consider one of our suggestions below?


Maple Syrup

Hear us out. Maple syrup, depending on where you live, is a delicacy that costs a lot of money to purchase. A good batch of maple syrup can run you 30 dollars or more, and with so many flavours to choose from, you have a lot of options. For example, the Runamok’s line of maple syrups is made with elderberries, cinnamon, and cardamon. Another awesome present would be an experience day where the recipient can harvest maple syrup themselves from maple trees.


Wine or Gourmet Beer

There are multiple different indie beers and wines located throughout the country that can be bought locally or domestically. A beer aficionado may have tried local brews, so opt for a gift card for a brewing company outside of the state, province, or country. There are even craft beer subscription boxes, like the Craft Beer Club, that deliver new flavours right to your door. If you’re interested in learning more, check out these other great gift ideas from Hampers With Bite.

Gourmet Salt Kit

Table salt is just the start when it comes to interesting, favorable spices. Some foodies may not even know of some of them. The possibilities are endless, from Himilayan Pink Salt to Cyprus Black Lava Salt and other blends that contain more herb that sodium. These can add a new and exciting pep to their cooking. Make sure to tell them where you got the flavours of salt so they can order their own.


Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

If salt isn’t enough to season your foodies’ meals, try and get them into making their own hot sauces. These kits come with multiple ingredients, including ancho, cayenne, chilli, curry, and other exotic peppers from places like Brazil and Mexico. Most of these kits come with a funnel, and more than one tiny hot sauce bottle so you can easily store them. Not only will this create an entirely new kick to their food, but it gets them into being more creative.


Food Delivery Box or Service

There are far too many to name, but subscription boxes that revolve around food have become incredibly popular over the years. If you know they like candy from Japan, get them the Japan Crate. Maybe they like to watch their weight but still like to snack? Urthbox may be for them. Buy them a year of a subscription food box you think they’ll like, and transfer the subscription over to them if they express that they love the service. Even if they don’t like that specific box, there are hundreds to choose from.

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