The Best Cities For Theatre Performances

Want to experience live theatre at its best? Here are some of the top cities for theatre performances where you can experience the full magic of the stage.


New York


New York’s theatres are some of the most renowned in the world and the city has become a mecca for theatre lovers. Here you can see classic and new production featuring some of America’s best acting talent performed in historic theatres (some of which are said to be haunted by the ghosts of Orson Welles and Arthur Miller). Broadway tickets aren’t cheap so the best bet is booking in advance to get good seats.




London’s West End is equally as revered and as glamorous – it’s not uncommon for famous movie actors to appear in theatre productions (many British actors began their careers in the west end). You can sometimes grab cheap London theatre tickets online. London is also home to the reconstructed Globe Theatre where you can watch Shakespeare plays in their traditional Elizabethan style.




Tokyo offers some of the greatest theatres in Asia. Along with its traditional Japanese plays, Tokyo’s theatres also feature adaptations of West End and Broadway productions. Traditional plays tend to be in Japanese, but are still a worthy experience for absorbing the culture.




Whilst it may not have the rich theatrical history of other cities on this list, Toronto’s theatre district has some equally incredible productions to rival the West End and Broadway. In fact, it’s the third-largest English-speaking theatre district in the world. The city also hosts a number of theatre festivals such as Toronto Fringe Festival and Shaw Festival.




Scotland’s Edinburgh is home to the largest annual arts festival on the planet – The Edinburgh Fringe. This festival is renowned for embracing alternative theatre – if you’re looking for something a little different from the big budget productions of other cities, The Edinburgh Fringe is a must. The city also features some more conventional theatre productions shown around the year.




Sydney may have the Opera house, but it’s Melbourne where you’ll find the most variety when it comes to theatre. From musicals to Shakespeare plays, you’ll find it all in this Australian city. It also has an array of different types of theatre building from the modern and futuristic Southbank building to the converted church Chapel Off Chapel.




This city is the birthplace of theatre – the Ancient Greeks were performing some of the first plays here 2500 years ago. Since then it has continued to be a centre for theatre, hosting performances from around the globe as well as historic and modern Greek plays. It has many old theatres that are still in use to this day. Although rare, you can even still catch a traditional performance at the Theatre of Dionysus.




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