The Benefits of Boating

Let’s face it, on a beautiful summer day there isn’t much better than spending time with friends and family on the water, jetting around or lazing out on a boat.

We were recently reminded by our friends at Discover Boating when they took us out onto lake Ontario for a day of fun, sun and adventure.

Boating and getting can involve so many different things from a day of relaxing in the sun, to entertaining on the water, going out on an adventure, fishing, and so much more, we’ve rounded up some of the top reasons you should get out on the water, NOW.


It’s accessible: Most Canadians have access to a body of water less than an hour away.  Almost 50% of boaters drive (on average) less than 50 km to get to their boating destination

It caters to all ages: whether a family or friends who vary in age, all can enjoy boating activities.Almost 59% of boaters are under 50.

It’s Fun: There’s no better way to spend the summer months than outdoors and on the water.

The options are endless: Love to sightsee? Fish? Swim or entertain friends, boating has something for everyone.  Top activities enjoyed by Canadians when boating include sightseeing (62%), nature observation (61%), swimming (59%), entertaining family and friends (57%), and cruising (47%).

It can help relieve stress: Those who have been boating share that being on the water lowers their stress. 

Those who boat, tend to get active.   Many boaters enjoy complimentary outdoor activities including hiking

Boating is affordable: Nearly 60% of boaters have a household income of $100,000 or less


With so many great reasons, maybe it’s time to scrapped the idea of the cottage and get yourself a boat, or maybe it’s time to get the boat to go along with your cottage, either way, make sure this summer you get out there and enjoy the great weather.

See you out on the water!



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