The Barber and the Beard

It seems as though there is a lot more emphasis nowadays for men to look well groomed. Possibly a throwback to that of the original gentlemen? Either way, it’s about time men put the effort into looking their/our best.

Now that’s easier said than done, but if you have a great barber/stylist and the proper arsenal of great products, then you are good to go, and can always feel yourself, looking fresh and well groomed at all times.

When it comes to places that I get my hair cut, beard trimmed or a shave, I’m pretty picky, so one of the few places that I’ll go to get ship shape is Axe and Hatchet.

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Axe and Hatchet is a full-service grooming club located in Yorkville (Toronto, ON) with a single focus: to produce confidence in everyone who walks through their door. Whether you need a cut or a bit of detailing, they are your and my go-to.

Now when it comes to product, what do you really need?  Well here is what I would suggest from the awesome collection for men called Always Bearded.


Urban Beard Shampoo Bar:

Keeping the beard clean is obviously key, but don’t go using your shampoo, that’s not what it’s there for, get a good beard soap, you’ll thank me.

Anti-Static Man Sized Maple Beard Comb:

I find if you have a long beard, and know that it gets a bit out of hand, or you have a shorter one and just want to keep it looking a little more orderly, having a good beard comb makes life super easy, and you won’t look like you’ve been sleeping on your beard.

House Blend Eucalptus + Lime Beard Oil:

With a great oil, it really gives the perfect look, and sheen to your beard, not so much that it looks like your wearing anything in it, more so that you are taking good care of it, so it looks strong, clean and most of all, fresh.

House Blend Bergamot + Ylang Beard Balm:

Not only should your beard look it’s best, it should also feel that way, and a good beard balm will always make a huge difference.

Trusted barber/stylist, Check. Great grooming products, check………. Now let’s get to the contest!

Enter either via @TheMaleAddict on Twitter or Instagram, or below for your chance to win A Hair Cut and beard groom or shave at Axe and Hatchet in Toronto, and the Eucalyptus + Lime Essentials Pack or the Bergamot + Ylang Essentials Pack from Always Bearded. (prixe pack valued at $200.)

Good Luck and Happy Grooming!
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