The Band Camino at Mod Club

September 17, 2019 was a milestone day for both The Band Camino and local support VALLEY. It marked the first international show for The Band Camino, and VALLEY was riding the high of the release of their LP Maybe, which dropped in full that morning. Fans in the sold out Mod Club packed to the front gleaming with good vibes and anticipation.

These two bands are a perfect match together on tour. Both The Band Camino and VALLEY have a lightness to them that will instantly brighten your day. With smooth vocals, groovy synths, and infectious positivity, it’s always a treat to watch artists like this thrive.

1. Break Me
2. See Through
3. Less Than I Do
4. Berenstein
5. Farsighted
6. Know Me
7. 2/14
8. Fool of Myself
9. Honest
10. For a While
11. I Spend Too Much Time in My Room
12. Hush Hush
13. My Thoughts on You
14. Haunted

15. The Black and White
16. What I Want
17. Daphne Blue